Hack the Space Days/16th-17th Nov 2019

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There was a Hack the Space Days weekend from Saturday 16th (10.30am) to Sunday 17th (7pm) November. It was all hands on deck improving our space!

Many thanks to the 50 or so people who gave up some of their time to make this a success.

Major Tasks

Refurbishing Electronics Area

The Electronics Area received a tidy up, a component sort & a new table!


The doors in the Studio were looking tired so we decided to sand them, prime them and pain them hackspace green! The door frames were also repainted gloss white.

After the paint dried we added labels cut on the Sihouette Cameo.

In the Workshop the party wall shared with the studio was painted.

Cleaning the Kitchen

Bins in the Kitchen were starting to develop sentient bacteria so we emptied everything, bleached everything and swept around them.

The oven was given a good clean out & the fridge was cleaned too.

The kitchen table was sanded back to bare wood and re-finished.

Servicing the Vinyl Flooring

The vinyl foor in the Studio that was laid on the last Hack the space weekend had lots of bulges where the floor had settled and risen up. Each seam between the rolls was cut, trimmed and reglued to remove the bulges.

After the bulges were taken out, the floor was hot mopped.

Painting the Spraybooth

The Spray Booth had years of caked up paint solidified inside it. We chipped away the old paint and took the room back to a white finish. The filters were checked and replaced. A hole was patched in the wall.

Rearranging Metalworking Area

The Metalworking Area was rejigged. The band saw moved to be near the Dusty Area partition wall. The mini mill and mini lathe were moved away from the wall of the building and the floor was repainted red.

Fitting the new Water Heater

We bought and fitted a new water heater to replace the leaking one in the bathroom. The new one was plumbed in and now doesn't leak! It is a Triton T30i 3kW.

Progress pictures