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Spray Booth
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Intended Use For Spray painting and other activities involving harmful fumes
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Team Infrastructure
Floor Upstairs
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The spray booth is used for painting and working with substances that emit hazardous fumes. The spray booth is fitted with an extraction fan that helps to remove harmful fumes and trap airborne paint particles.

Tools and equipment

question In the spray booth you will find a table for resting work upon & hooks that can be used to suspend projects from the ceiling.

Important notes

Tools in this area are contaminated with paint and should not be used in the other areas without thorough cleaning. In particular the Workshop & Dusty Area as the paint can stain other projects.


Ensure that the extraction fan is switched on and remains on for the duration of your time in the booth. The switch is labeled and is located just outside the door at head height.

  • Protect your lungs! Wear suitable PPE, such as a respirator or dust mask, and eye protection.
  • Keep the door closed whilst spraying.
  • Spray away from the door, towards the back wall of the booth.
  • Do not spend too long in the spray booth. Take regular breaks to let harmful fumes be extracted


question This area does not require booking and can not be booked.

If you plan to leave something drying, please use the Drying Area if practical.

Please don't leave your projects in the Booth for longer than absolutely required.

Materials and consumables

Immediately next to the spray booth is the Solvent cupboard.

Cleaning and maintenance

Always leave the area as you would like to find it. Build time into your schedule for cleaning up.

Problems and issues

question If there is a problem with the Spray Booth contact the Infrastructure team.


The photo shows the spray booth plugged into an extension behind the laser cutter. As this is not convenient for access, it is now connected to an extension accessible from the Electronics Bay.

The power is fed through a RCD safety cutout. One button turns on the power, the other trips it off.

Spray booth plug 01.jpgSpray booth plug 02.jpg

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Project History

Spray Booth
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Created 08/07/2013
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The Spray booth was an infrastructure project completed by the infrastructure team in 2013.

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