How it started

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The aim of this page is describe how Nottingham Hackspace first began, for the benefit of folk who want to setup similar spaces elsewhere.

Organising in the pub

Organising at the pub.jpg

Outdoor and one-off activities

Kite photography
Experiments with Mentos
Suguru NottingHACKquarium at the Navigation pub

Promotional material/getting the word out

Early promotional materials.jpg


Early planning.jpg

Early infrastructure

Nottinghack first rented a store room in The Art Organisation (TAO). Is this a photo of the store room we rented? If not, does someone have one?
The shared space in TAO
A kitchen in TAO

Hack nights

Early open hack night.jpg

Moving into Hackspace 1.0

Moving into Hackspace 1 - workshop.jpg
Moving into Hackspace 1.jpg