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Inappropriate Technology
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Created 16/09/2011
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Welcome to the Nottingham HackSpace Inappropriate Technology Group. We try to meet once per month to discuss and work on projects relating to the most inappropriate technology we can think up. Please come along and get involved.

First meeting: Monday September 19th 2011 (to clash wildly with that other group -- See also Appropriate Technology).

What is inappropriate technology?

The term appropriate technology has been coined for “encompassing technological choice and application that is small scale, labour intensive, energy efficient, environmentally sound and locally controlled”. Whilst this is a righteous pursuit there is more fun to be had in the discussion of insane and profane abuses of power.

Why do we do it?

  • because we can

Projects we are working on

  • huge offensive weapons for use in schools
  • dangerous (and poisonous) electronic toys
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Robots that stand slightly too close to people.
  • Tweeting Open-Source Body Odour Analyser
  • Wall Of Faeces
  • Swear-Fare