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Primary Contact Msemtd
Created 14/11/2012
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Summary: Fund your travel expenses (and other purchases) by shouting obscenities in public.

The Swear-Fare system is an innovative mashup of Bitcoin and everyone's favourite swearwords using the Cloud-of-shame(tm) to enable micropayments to your contact-less travel card.

The headset

  • Microphone
  • swear-amplifying speakers
  • Augmented reality obscenity goggles
  • phallic wireless antenna
  • optional "turn-the-air-blue-tooth" (TM) and Android app

The Cloud-of-shame (base station node)

  • Raspberry-Pi mesh network
  • open-obscenity (tm) bartering protocols -
  • Bitcoin leech system - donation website - "Swearing is Caring" + "open your purse for a curse"

Transport network inclusion

  • Cuss-for-a-bus (tm)
  • Profane-train-fast-lane (tm)
  • Effin-Jefferson Swearplane (tm)
  • Ferry-bastard-fight-starter (tm)