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As recommended to us before, a few of us have been eyeing up Myford lathes. They were made here in Beeston decades ago.

We had a pledge drive in January 2011 that floundered because we were in a tiny space. Once we moved to the big hackspace, we rapidly raised the money though pledges. After some chatter, members on Twitter and the mailing list immediately started pledging [1].


Who How Much Paid Method Paid
James H £20 Yes Bank Transfer
Dominic £20 Yes Cash
Tony £10 Yes Bank transfer
David H £15 Yes Bank transfer
Iain S £30 Yes Bank transfer
Michael E £20 Yes Cash
Michael P £50 Yes Bank transfer
RepRap Matt £15 Yes Cash
Spencer £10 Yes Bank transfer
Tom £10 Yes Cash
Joe £10 Yes Bank transfer
James F £20 Yes Cash
Mark £20
Martin R £10 Yes Cash

Tool Pledge 2013

Goal number Description Link Cost Goal Amount
1 Quick Change Toolpost £69 £69
2 Indexable Lathe Tool Set 10MM £97.99 £166.96
3 Clamp Type Knurling Tool £16.33 £183.29
4 Extended Holder for quick change toolpost £20.45 £203.69
5 Two spare holders for quick change toolpost £22.40 £226.14

Who How Much Paid Method Paid
'RepRap' Matt (talk) £20 Yes To Bank 19/02/13
Gazz £15 -
Joe D £15 Yes Bank Transfer 19/02/13
Ian D £20 Yes To bank a/c (21/1/13)
Kai Pays £20 Yes Bank transfer. Ref. will be "Lathe Pledge"
James F £20 Yes Bank Transfer on 19/02/13
MichaelP £28.29 Yes To bank a/c (21/1/13)/(19/2/13)
Roger £10 Yes Bank transfer on 2013-03-01 ref "Roger Light/pledge"
Matt Little £10 -
Lionel £10 -
Dominic £10 -
Michael E £5 - shall pay cash at space on 20/02/13