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This is a pledge drive for an Professional Embroidery Machine, the machine chosen is a Brother PR670e and costs £5,999.00

The PR670E embroidery machine is the perfect choice for a small or home-based business and sewing enthusiasts. Its quick set up and fast multi-needle embroidery enables you to embroider large multi-coloured designs with minimum thread changes and greatly increased productivity compared to traditional single-needle machines. Plus, you can enjoy more creativity with its customisation features.

If you would like to check out the full list of details, the video and see the accessories we can buy at a later date, here is the link to the machine

Key Features

  • 300 x 200 mm embroidery area
  • 10.1” LCD touch screen
  • Variable speed: 400 to
  • 1,000 stitches per minute
  • Industrial acceleration
  • Automatic threading
  • 37 built-in fonts
  • LED pointer


If the target level is not met, consideration may be given to purchasing a lower specification machine or a secondhand machine instead. However, if this should happen, members will be contacted and asked to confirm their pledge can be used for an alternative machine.

List of pledges

Please post on the google group mailing list if you really, truly have forgotten your HMS password and need someone else to update this.

Please pay with the reference EMBROID-XX where XX is your initials and list the reference used below.

Who How Much Paid? Payment Method
Ian D £100 No
Dominic Morrow £25 No
Paul Leivers £25 No
Matt Pritchard £50 No

Note: Please try to make payment asap once target is met. Payment can be made by:

  • bank transfer (details on HMS)
  • cash to a Trustee.
  • cash posted into the safe next to the money gobbler(slot on top) please put in envelope with your name,pledge amount and "for Embroidery Machine pledge drive".

Further discussion

For discussion see: Google Group post


Information leaflet


Brother PR670e Embroidery Machine