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Robot Badge
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Primary Contact Chunky
Created 24/05/2013
Completed 27/05/2013
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These are notes and files relating to the 'Learn To Solder' Robot Badge. This badge kit has been produced to use at events as a simple soldering exercise and promote the hackspace. This badge was based upon a simple flashing LED badge that was seen at UK Maker Faire 2011 in Newcastle. This robot shaped badge was designed by Matt Little based on an idea by Rob Keating from PCB manufacturers, Beta Layout. Beta Layout produced a number of batches of these PCBs for Nottingham Hackspace.

Build Instructions

Robot/Round Badge

SMD Robot Badge

Parts List - Simple

The simple version of the badge is just an LED wired derectly with a battery. A colour changing LED is used to make it a bit more interesting.

Part Details Supplier
3V Battery CR2032 eBay 1 Cost: £10 for 100

eBay 2 Cost: £10 for 100

Battery clip To hold above Rapid: 18-3585 Cost: £0.312 100+

Farnell: 908654 Cost: £0.442 100+

Digikey UK: BK-888-ND Cost: £0.1674 100+

LED 5mm colour chaging Rapid: 55-1906 £0.4326 100+

eBay 1: Cost: £6.99 for 30

eBay 2: Cost: £3.50 for 30

Pin 13mm panel pin Stones hardware £0.56 for box (100pcs)

eBay 1 £1.60 for box

Badge Clip To fit above pin eBay 1: Cost: £4.99 for 100

eBay 2: Cost: £3 for 100

Parts List - SMD

The SMD version of the badge was designed for more advanced users so they can learn to do surface mount soldering or use an SMD oven. The circuit is a Flip Flop Two Transistor Flasher. The schematic diagram is here: ADD a PHOTO/PDF HERE

Part Reference Details Supplier
Capacitor C1, C2 Control flash rate. 10uf used. Size: 1206. RS: 740-7546

Farnell: 1759483

Resistor R2, R3 Control Flash Rate. 100k used. Size: 1206 Rapid: 72-1437

Farnell: 2073883

Resistor R1, R4 Limit LED current. 0 ohm with 3V battery. Size: 1206 Rapid: 72-1207

Farnell: 2073874

Transistor Q1, Q2 NPN type. S0323. BC817W used. Farnell: 2114873
LED D3, D4 Red or Green. Not enough voltage for Blue/White. Size: 1206 Green. RS: 466 3908

Green. Farnell: 8530033

Red. RS: 466 3914

Red. Farnell: 2314333

PCB Files

The PCB was designed using KiCAD - an open source PCB design package.

The PCB files are available to download here.