Sewing Machines

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Sewing Machines
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Intended Use Automated sewing.
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Team Craft & Textiles
Floor Upstairs
Area Craft Room
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The Sewing Machines in the Hackspace vary massively, there is bound to be one that fits your needs!

Please take care to not leave the industrial machines in a mess - make sure to leave them threaded for the next user!

Industrial Sewing Machine

Simplicity Lace 29 Sewing Machine

We got 2 of those in the craft room This is a nice, simple, easy to use modern lockstitch machine

Brother JK 4000

This is simple to use computerised lockstitch machine

huskylock 905 901

This is a 4 threads domestic overlocker

located in the craft room with green cover

IKEA SY Sewing machine

Those machine is now retired!

Brother Computerised Embroidery Machine

Innov-is 750E

Industrial Overlocker

Older Domestic Sewing Machines

We currently have 5 (!!!) domestic sewing machines. We (the sewing machine crew) are in the process of testing them for usability.

  • Singer - working? Testing underway
  • Jones 300 - problematic!
  • Frister Dressmaker - testing underway
  • not yet checked
  • not yet checked

Sewing Machine Pledge Drives

In the past there has been the following sewing machine pledge drives: