Silvertail A0 Laser cutter

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Silvertail A0 Laser cutter  (defunct)
A0 laser cutter.jpg
Manufacturer Just Add Sharks
Model Silvertail A0
AKA Lasery McLaserface
Obtained Purchased through Pledge Drive early 2014
Location Laser Area
Team Laser
Induction Required Yes (use request form)
Booking Yes (use HMS)
Status Defunct
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The Silvertail A0 Laser cutter was the main laser cutter the Hackspace owns. It has since been replaced by the Boxford BGL1390, as of 04/02/2024 this has been taken offline and moved into the back of the studio whilst a buyer is found.

A0 Specific Information

What's the same as the Greyfin A2 Laser Cutter:

  • The password for the new PC (Log in using the "Laser-User" account)
  • Lasercut 5.3 software
  • Control panel on the laser
  • Cost to use (£3 / hour)
  • Bookable via HMS, limited to one 2 hour slot
  • Access controlled by RFID card reader
  • Maximum power setting 65% to extend laser tube life

Differences to the Greyfin A2 Laser Cutter are:

  • The hackspace owns this laser cutter
  • It has a 1200 x 900 mm (approx A0) cutting area, ideal for larger jobs
  • Power is 80W so if you use it compared to the A2 use the whiteboard speeds
  • Focus tool is larger
  • It has a red aiming dot
  • The extractor is now shared by both lasers. It comes on when the first laser turns on, and switches off 60 seconds after the last laser turns off
  • If you have any laser time credits (from the original pledge drive for the A0 or a recent induction) for the time being this can only be used on the A0 laser not the A2 laser

Size (cm) Width 172 Depth 131 Height 940 without castor/feet

Dimensions for Just Add Sharks Laser Cutters