Skateboard Deck Reshaping

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Skateboard Deck Reshaping
Primary Contact Msemtd
Created 03/02/2016
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Making full use of the large bed on the A0 Laser Cutter, we can easily cut cardboard templates for reshaping skateboard decks.

Cruiser Shape From Popsicle shape

I picked up a cheap generic popsicle shaped street board and was able to make an interesting slim cruiser shape. The important measurements are the exact bolt-hole positions as these are the fixing points of the template. This YouTube video shows the laser cutting process:

I used M5 bolts to fix the cardboard template to the underside of the deck and used double-sided tape to temporarily fix the template down to follow the nose and tail kicks.

Then onto the large bandsaw to remove the excess material whilst following the template.

The belt and disk sanders were then used to smooth the cuts and round over the edges.

For completion, the existing paintwork was completely removed using hand and the machine sanding tools.