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Tool Stayer Chopsaw.jpeg
Manufacturer Stayer
Model TF84
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Location Metalworking Area
Team Metalworking
Induction Required No
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Status Defunct
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Stayer cutoff saw (or 'cold cut chopsaw'). Usually on the metalwork bench, this is a slow speed circular saw for cutting metal.

Intended for cutting with a coolant supply for which there is a pump - to be commissioned and checked.

The blade is made of High Speed Steel, and these are cut and sharpened to order by L M Cutting Tools

Original blade sharpened, and new blade supplied 28/10/2016


When the metalworking area is completely laid out, there may be space for this saw to be permanently sited on a bench and we can fill the reservoir with cutting fluid. Until then, it cuts dry, or needs manual feeding of fluid (as appropriate for the material being cut).