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The TV-B-Gone was conceived by hack-hero Mitch Altman. It is designed emit the 'OFF' code for the majority of TVs in Europe and the US. Basically it is a TV remote control which only has the power button. It is designed to turn off inappropriate TVs, such as unwatched ones in public spaces. It is a commercial product, but Mitch has also worked with Adafruit industries to have an open-source design.

We are going to be running a workshop to build your own from a kit we have been producing. The circuit is based upon an ATMEL ATtiny85 microprocessor. The design and microcontroller code is open source. Check out this blog post for info and images of the design.

Instructions for the TV-B-Gone kit done by Matt Little are here.


This project is mainly being worked on by Matt Little. Please join in.