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Temperature data from around the space is being logged via Cacti.
Sampling done with DS18S20 1-wire digital thermometers, these can be daisy chained of the other arduino and MQTT devices.
Temperatures are regularly published to "nh/temp" in the format "address:temp" e.g. "10C3282902080021:20.31".

Current temperature sensors:

Possible Arduinos to hook into:

Cheap and cheerful thermistor workshop

I have a bag of surplus 47k thermistors (about 500) and I intend to build a number of circuits to measure temperature starting with the very simplest and culminating in a teachable HackSpace project with reasonable accuracy. We will put these devices in fridges, near heat sources, near doors, windows, indoors, outdoors, you name it.

The component:

   NTCLE100 Series NTC 47 kOhm ±1.5 % Radial Leaded Standard Precision Thermistor
   Mfr Part#:  NTCLE100E3473JB0
   Packaging : BAG 
   Std Packaging Qty: 500
   Min Order Qty: 1
   As low as:  £0.1751  (GBP)
   In Stock:  No
   47 kO
   Tolerance (%): 
   ±1.5 %
   4090 °K
   Temperature Range: 
   -40 to +125 °C

Some Google digging reveals...

The simplest circuits and Arduino code...

Michael Erskine 06:43, 14 December 2011 (EST)

Old Notes

  • Temp sensors dotted around space - done to some degree
  • Nanode again
  • Small wireless units or daisy chain of dallas one wires?
  • Humidity sensor's?
  • Push to cacti - done - [1]
  • Query from irc - done; say "!temp" in #nottinghack