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The flow of the OSV system

The Open Source Vending-machine Group (OSV Group) is a project team that has the aim of creating a machine capable of vending small products and using a web interface to manage stock, reorder and payment.

The group are:

  1. Dominic Morrow
  2. James Hayward
  3. Daniel Swann
  4. John Crouchley
  5. Matt Lloyd
  6. Martin Raynsford

Web Gateway

The Web Gateway is how the user actually purchases the product with integration to Pay Pal or other web based payment products. The customer gets to a product page on the web gateway via a QR code on the vending machine. The web gateway also has an admin interface for the vendor or machine owner.

Connection Layer

This allows the web gateway to connect to the vending machine controller and maintains an open bidirectional communications channel at all times.

Vending Controller

The vending controller conects to the connection layer by an internet connect and all of the hopper controllers via an i2c bus. It interprets messages from the connection layer and sends a message to the hoppers. Each vending controller can support 64 hoppers.

Hopper Controller

Each product hopper has a controller which controls the vend mechanism and various sensors.

Hopper and Vending Mechanism

Prototype mk 1.1

Build Day 1

Pictures from the 1st Build Day 19th August 2012



Prototype mk 1.2

Build Day 2

Martin's 2nd Prototype



Video of OSV Mk 1.1

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