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This is a list of the workshops that are forthcoming or have happened in the year 2024.

There is currently no schedule for workshops. Workshops are run 'ad-hoc' whenever there is a volunteer willing to run them. If you would like to organize a workshop and need help, please contact the Events Team. The first thing you should do when organizing a workshop is to check the calendar to ensure it does not clash with another event. You generally don't need to ask for permission before publishing your event if it is free and is attended by Hackspace Members.

We can help sort out the materials and logistics. This is YOUR hackspace. It relies upon YOU to get involved and make this work.


Date Time Workshop Contact Cost
21st January - Getting Started with Woodworking (Part 1 of ...) Ian
21st February - Git Workshop Aaron
24th June - OpenSCAD - Solid CAD Modelling for Programmers Mark
26th June - An introduction to lock picking Tony £15
30th June - An introduction to lock picking (public) Tony £20
30th June - Getting started with Woodworking (Part 1) Ian £10
7th July - Getting started with Woodworking (Part 2) Ian £10

We also ran a large number of workshops as part of EMF Camp 2024


  • Miniatures Painting
  • KiCAD
  • Arduino
  • CNC Routing
  • Glass painting
  • Solargraphy
  • Combat Robot building
  • Lockpicking
  • Getting started with Woodworking