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Full Minutes

Time Name Minute
20:03 Nachimir Nottinghack meeting about to start, 03/10/2012.
20:03 LWK !temp
20:03 LWK !help
20:09 Nachimir Roll call, members present: David H, Dan W, Michael E, James H, Fi, Matt Ll, Justin, Jake H, Daniel, Craig P, Dominic M, Mouse, Adam F, Russel H.
20:09 Nachimir Non-members: Guy, Michael, Robin.
20:09 msemtd joined the chat room.
20:09 Nachimir Number of trustees: 5.
20:10 Nachimir 1. Actions
20:10 Nachimir David: Annual return done by Matt Ll.
20:10 Nachimir David: Member audit and code change: Done.
20:10 Nachimir Dominic: Engage cleaner: Not done.
20:11 Nachimir James: Talk to maker faire: Done by Dominic.
20:11 Nachimir David: Expenses policy for board members: Drafted. Action: Put on public list for discussion.
20:12 msemtd Dominic has acquired OCD Cleaners Ltd
20:12 Nachimir (Out of order)
20:12 Nachimir 4. Storage in office of Dominic Morrow.
20:13 Nachimir Dominic is renting office in building. Costing £240 per month. Suggests we use some of it as storage for chair, etc., freeing more space up in workshop.
20:13 Nachimir Worried that if hackspace makes a contribution to it, that's hackspace money going back to him, so wanted to open it up to discussion.
20:14 Nachimir (A wild David Clarke appears!) Number of trustees: 6.
20:14 Nachimir Jake: Principally, Dominic needs space. Because we're using it, we shouldn't pay too little for that.
20:14 Nachimir Michael E: What percentage of the space will you use?
20:15 Nachimir Justin: You'll be wanting internet too, yes? Dominic: Complicated, can't run a cable from the hackspace.
20:16 Nachimir Dominic: Just to give more of a picture, have gone part time at work now and will be working on other ventures. Chose to have office here because it's far more convenient to be near hackspace.
20:16 Nachimir Dominic: Wanted to hear any questions and concerns.
20:16 Nachimir (Non-member): Don't imagine any concerns over access?
20:16 Nachimir Dominic: I'd leave a key in the safe here.
20:17 Nachimir Dominic: Means we 're not paying rent+deposit.
20:17 Nachimir James: How much of the space? Michael: Enough for chairs.
20:18 LWK_mac joined the chat room.
20:18 Nachimir David: Should keep things that are useful to the hackspace, but not always used, i.e. chairs. Not crap. James: Yes, we can't use as dumping ground.
20:19 Nachimir Dominic suggests we see how much space we use, discuss figure at next meeting. All: No objections.
20:19 Nachimir 3. Financial Update
20:19 LWK_mac Quick summary
20:19 LWK_mac Start bank balance: £4032.40
20:19 LWK_mac Out: £2,048.04
20:19 LWK_mac In: £1669.28
20:19 LWK_mac End: £3653.64
20:19 LWK_mac Paypal Start: £57.76
20:19 LWK_mac Paypal End: £43.76
20:19 LWK_mac Cash Start balance: £97.08
20:19 LWK_mac Cash In: £546.91
20:19 LWK_mac Cash Out: £559.97
20:19 LWK_mac Cash End: £84.02
20:19 LWK_mac [edit
20:19 LWK_mac Start: 118
20:19 LWK_mac New: 9
20:19 LWK_mac Ex: 0
20:19 LWK_mac End: 127
20:19 LWK_mac Average membership due: £12.89
20:19 LWK_mac [edit
20:19 LWK_mac [edit
20:19 LWK_mac BizSpace: £1,246.61
20:19 LWK_mac Talk talk: £28.74
20:19 LWK_mac Insurance: £65.39
20:19 LWK_mac Loan: £208.33
20:19 LWK_mac Other: £498.97
20:19 LWK_mac [edit
20:19 LWK_mac Membership dues: £1,594.28
20:19 LWK_mac Petty Cash Deposits: £
20:19 LWK_mac Workshops: £
20:19 LWK_mac Donations: £
20:19 LWK_mac Events: £
20:19 LWK_mac Pledges: £75
20:22 Nachimir James asks: On fixed income and fixed outgoings, did we break even? LWK: Yes.
20:23 Nachimir Matt Ll: Two months in row, electricity usage is up.
20:23 Nachimir Recently, £256 bill. Worst it's ever been.
20:23 Nachimir Dominic: Space is also being used more.
20:24 Nachimir James: Has anyone ever arrived at the space to find lights on and no one here?
20:25 Nachimir Dominic: Yes. More common though is all the lights on but everyone is in a small area.
20:25 Nachimir James: Not a massive issue, but the less we spend on electricity the more we can spend on tools.
20:26 Nachimir Dominic: We're buying units at a markup from Bizspace. It's how they make money, the rent in comparison to other units is dirt cheap.
20:27 Nachimir People need to feel empowered, to think that lights should be turned off rather than "That's been left on for a reason". New members need to be told where the light switches are. They're in weird places.
20:27 Nachimir It's everyone's job to keep the electricity bill low.
20:27 LWK_mac left the chat room. (Quit: Quit)
20:27 Nachimir 5. Pillar Drill
20:28 Nachimir Dominic: We've received a significant amount of the pledges, about £150. The one I proposed is about 270
20:29 Nachimir We're some way off then, for the pillar drill?
20:29 Nachimir James: We have another £95 pledged but not paid.
20:30 Nachimir David C: Have started a wiki page regarding pledge drives. Sometimes unclear: Collect cash and buy, or get commitments then buy and collect cash later.
20:31 Nachimir 6. Hack-a-Day video
20:31 Nachimir Dominic: We ought to have a video for the space. We've talked about it a lot in the past year but not got around to it.
20:32 Nachimir Second, if we make a video tour of the space, automatically gets on hackaday.
20:32 Nachimir Third, people setting up a hackspace in Baghdad. A bunch of hackspaces around the world have said they're do a short video saying "Good luck Baghdad hackspace" <this is where we do electronics>, etc.
20:33 ral A light switch map would be very helpful.
20:35 Nachimir Jake and David have equipment. Dominic: Wants to suggest a day.
20:35 Nachimir James: Who's willing to take this on?
20:35 Nachimir Jake is, David H willing to help? Yes.
20:35 Nachimir (People talk about being too busy in October)
20:36 Nachimir Adam F suggests getting students. Dominic suggests no: Can't rely on them to do it quickly.
20:36 Nachimir (Dates knocked around). Dominic: Action: 18th November.
20:37 Nachimir 7. Open Day for Business
20:37 Nachimir 9. Pup up shop.
20:37 Nachimir (Pop up shop)
20:38 Nachimir Dominic: Charity called Ingite, exist to highlight STEM subjects.Have funding to hire a shop, which is in the Broadmarch from the 18th - end of October, possibly another week if successful. Number of partners: Nottingham City Council, Trent, others.
20:39 Nachimir ral: (I'll try to remember to bring it up in A.O.B.)
20:40 Nachimir We'd aim to have soldering workshops, zoetrope workshops, for people. Possibly some Pis and Arduinos around. Opportunity to engage local kids and their parents, as well as other organisations within the city.
20:40 Nachimir Lots of stakeholders have heard of us and are keen to visit. Good opportunity for us to get an in with them.
20:41 Nachimir James: At moment, volunteers are me and Dominic. Need more. (Adam F. volunteers).
20:42 Nachimir 7 Open Day for Business
20:43 Nachimir Dominic: 18th October is a media day at the popup shop. People interested in that kind of thing, would like to take opportunity to invite local business to visit for an open day on a weekday.
20:43 Nachimir David: If relevant to their job, would rather visit on and evening or weekend.
20:43 Nachimir Dominic: Positions us to be taken seriously by other orgs.
20:44 Nachimir Jake: Date? Dominic: Haven't proposed one yet. Media day is on the 18th, yet to decide on our open day. 18th a good opportunity to hand out invites.
20:44 Nachimir Dominic: Likely to be a Wednesday daytime or Friday daytime.
20:44 Nachimir David C: After span of popup shop? Dominic: Yes.
20:45 Nachimir James suggests Thurs, for cleanup on Wednesday. Dominic argues well against.
20:45 Nachimir Action: Dominic to propose open day for business, get more volunteers.
20:45 Nachimir 8. Stickers and Stuff
20:46 Nachimir Moo suggested, but stickers not very good and fairly expensive.
20:46 Nachimir David H: Has a good supplier.
20:48 Nachimir Action: Dominic to get quotes.
20:48 Nachimir David H outlines costs. James: Happy with up to 12p per sticker.
20:51 Nachimir (David checks diginate.com, James checks moo.com)
20:51 Nachimir 10. Hack the space day
20:51 Nachimir James: Anyone going?
20:51 Nachimir David C. Got kind of hijacked by kids morning. Daniel: What times is it? 10:00 - 18:00
20:52 Nachimir James: Not in calendar, that's my fault.
20:52 Nachimir Just for everyone who wasn't in the room last month: We're doing a hack the space day on the first sunday of every month.
20:52 Nachimir What's on the list.
20:53 Nachimir (Asks James)
20:53 Nachimir (Sorting out print)
20:53 Nachimir 11. Shelving
20:54 Nachimir Dominic: I'd quite like those blue shelves in the members room for my office.
20:54 Nachimir EVeryone says no.
20:54 Nachimir Matt Ll suggests they'd be useful in the workshop. James is no, Jake: Not particularly yes.
20:54 Nachimir Dominic: Put off by no one else being keen on the idea.
20:55 Nachimir So it's a no. David C: Racking in workshop. Friend of mine has donated [things unfamiliar to me
20:56 Nachimir Dominic: Oneof my problems with the blue shelving is that storage boxes we have don't fit well on it. David C. and I have discussed making custom made shelving for electronics area, storage boxes for workshop, etc.
20:57 Nachimir General discussion: Projects are currently being dumped in that room.
20:58 Nachimir Mouse suggests bigger members boxes as an option.
20:58 Nachimir Dominic objects.
20:58 Nachimir Jake: Suggests we have an area where mess is allowed, all in one place, so we can manage it rather than hiding it.
20:59 Nachimir James: Obviously need large project storage of some kind, but priority now is members boxes.
21:01 Nachimir James: Rough cost to make shelves for that room? Matt Ll: Probably about a tenner would get the same shelving as on far wall in box room. David C costed up custom racking for polytubs at £90.
21:02 Nachimir James: £100 budget? Votes: Majority say yes.
21:02 Nachimir Action: Matt Ll to cost shelves
21:02 Nachimir David Clarke presents list of actions for hack the space day.
21:03 Nachimir http://wiki.nottinghack.org.uk/wiki/Hacking_The_Space
21:03 Nachimir Dominic: Want to thank Mouse, who mopped kitchen and studio yesterday.
21:04 Nachimir A.O.B. David: Roger Light suggests we make a light switch map. Anyone willing to make? Matt Ll: Yeah, ok. (Action).
21:05 Nachimir Michael E: Has a hazard analysis matrix that we can use to produce risk assessments. Will leave on blue room table.
21:05 Nachimir (Doorbell also a priority)
21:05 Nachimir James: Anyone willing to take on a risk assessment? Dominic: Yes
21:06 Nachimir Dominic: Can we please throw the brown chairs out? They're against fire regs. James: Hack the space day, yes.
21:07 Nachimir Meeting over.
21:07 Nachimir James H immediately shouts "Alright bagsy laser cutter!"