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16Amp 3 Phase supply
[[File:Bridgeport Rating Plate.jpeg|thumb|left|400px|Rating Plate]]
[[Category:Tools and Equipment]]
[[Category:Tools and Equipment]]

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Bridgeport Mill
Manufacturer Adcock-Shipley
Model Bridgeport Type J head
Obtained Purchased by Hackspace (November 2012)
Location Metalworking Area
Team Metalworking
Induction Required Yes (use request form)
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Status Defunct
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Bridgeport milling machine by Adcock-Shipley of Leicester made in about 1974.

The mill is very hard to miss, its big and blue and takes up a large portion of the Metalworking Area. It is a very versatile tool that can be used to accurately machine most metals & plastics. The Hackspace's machine was acquired, cleaned and brought in to use in 2012.


Note Note: An induction is required to use this tool safely

To book an induction please fill in this form

Refresher Video

This video gives a great run-down of the features of our Mill and some tips on preventative maintenance.



Milling Machine

A copy of the manual for the bridgeport is available for download here: File:Bridgeport-manual.pdf. Please note that we have a Type J head, and so the sections on the 2J2, M and E heads can be safely ignored.

Digital Read Out

The Digital Read Out

The digital read out is a Newall DP7. The manual is available to download on their website:


Spare Parts

Spare parts for the Bridgeport are available from the following websites:


16Amp 3 Phase supply

Rating Plate