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Only useful items should be donated to the space. Post your donation suggestion to the Google Group first.

Items donated that currently have a storage location (such as kettle leads, LEDs, plugs and pens) should be placed directly into their allocated space. Donations to be broken down or repatriated should be left on the wooden storage rack at the back of the Hackspace.

Items should be marked so that it is clear whether it is complete and working or not.



In spring 2014 the space become aware that too many 'donations' are no better than waste material, and simply add to the burden of waste processing in the Hackspace.

Previously, schemes were set up to try and accept a wide range of 'things that may be hacked' but all too often, they stayed unwanted and unloved on the donations / scrap rack at the back of the workshop.

From June 2014, a new was set up to try and restrict donations to those things which can reasonably be used for hacking. If not taken for such purposes within a short space of time, they will be converted to scrap. If too many of a kind of item falls into this category they will be added to the 'not wanted here' list.


As the Hackspace develops, the need for tools to be loaned reduces - we become more able to purchase as required, and with over 600 members, we should be able to afford tools of a more industrial quality than any of us would buy individually (and then possibly donate to the space).

So just donating a tool that has been bought for one DIY job and then donating it is not quite the good deed that it once was - we have a huge collection of jigsaws, for example.

We seem to have an ever-increasing number of screwdrivers, wood planes, drill-bits and spanners. Sorting out and optimising the stock is helpful to make finding the right one of these to use easier.

Please provide information on the purpose of the tool when donation otherwise it will become a mystery tool.

Not wanted here

Consumer electronics

  • Televisions, and other displays using CRTs (they are energy inefficient, and difficult to dispose of) No
  • Non-working mobile phones - there are no parts which can find a use in other projects in them. (However, old chargers can be donated, see Power Supplies) No

Electronic components

  • Loose and unidentifiable SMT parts. No
  • Antique items that would never be used in a project. No
  • High voltage components of dubious safety due to condition. No

Wanted here


  • Old mains powered low voltage chargers, correctly labelled and placed in correct storage area, see Power Supplies. No


  • Working tools that we currently don't have and are likely to be used by members; post suggestion on Google Group first. No

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