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SE-CNC-1  (defunct)
Tool SE-CNC-1 overview.jpg
Manufacturer Custom Built
Model SE-CNC-1
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Obtained Long term loan (17-03-2019)
Location [[]]
Team Tools
Induction Required Planned
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Status Defunct (13-12-2019)
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Note Note: The CNC machine was removed from the space in December 2019 as Alex has sold it.

This is a large 3 Axis CNC Mill owned by a Member that was offered as a Long Term Loan to the space. Following a discussion at the 2019-03-06 Members Meeting, it was agreed that the donation would be accepted and the tool would be brought in for the enclosure to be built.

Points to note:

  • The Tool will require an induction.
  • It will be bookable, but not charged for.
  • Anyone using the tool will be expected to bring their own tooling.
  • Any additional funds required to build the enclosure must be sourced through a Pledge Drive, not paid for by the space.
  • The tool will be located in the Downstairs metalworking area.

Machine Specs


Axis Footprint(mm) Travel(mm) Ballscrews Rails
X 1020 500 2 * 1610 2 * THK SHS25V / 4 blocks / 760mm
Y 1000 450/500* 1 * 1610 2 * HIWIN EGW15CAH / 4 blocks / 540mm
Z 1000 100 1 * 1605 2 * THK SR25V / 4 blocks


Spindle 80mm / 2.1kW / 24000rpm
VFD Hyunyang HY02D223B 2.2kW
Motors Nema23 3Nm @ 2:1 pulley ratio
Motor Drivers 4 * Leadshine DM860 @ 70V
Controller Hardware Intel D945GCLF2
Controller Software LinuxCNC


This section will eventually be split off into a sub-page once the tool is ready to use.

Transport to the Hackspace

The tool was collected from the long term storage in March 2019 following approval being given at the March members meeting. It was dismantled and transported in 2 trips using a Ford Focus to save on the cost of hiring a van.

Whilst the enclosure is constructed, the tool has been stacked up against a wall in the Downstairs Metalworking Area.

Building the Enclosure

The Planned Enclosure

The enclosure is needed to enable full flood coolant capabilities on the machine. Construction is already underway.

If you are able and would like to get involved in this, please join the #CNC Slack Channel

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