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This page lists suppliers for various materials, components, consumables, tools etc. For electronics see Suppliers - Electronics.

Health and Safety

Supplier Location Examples Notes
The Safety Supply Company Wembley, UK Beeswift Stealth Safety Glasses
The Safety Supply Company Wembley, UK Warrior - Value Clear Plastic Coverspecs
The Safety Supply Company Wembley, UK JSP Olympus FFP2 Valved FoldFlat Disposable Mask UK Nottinghack has set up with Boots Opticians to allow members to get Prescription Safety Glasses
Machine Mart Nottingham About a 10 minute walk from the Hackspace.
Arco Castle Park Castle Park, Nottingham About an 8 minute drive from the Hackspace.


Supplier Notes hardwood turning blanks.
Howarth Timber
Bassingfield Woodyard
Brooks Bros
David Dyke Luthier Supplies obviously intended for luthiers, but an (often expensive) option.
ebay not as ridiculous a 'supplier' as you think.

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Supplier Free Shipping? Notes
Theplasticshop No Good collection of plastics, most cut to exact size. A £19.96 incl. VAT is applied to all orders irrespective of order value.
Kitronik Yes, if order value exceeds £48. A 20 minute drive from the Hackspace. General educational supply store, also stocking Perspex (≤5mm thickness) and wood.


Supplier Free Shipping? Notes
Aluminium Warehouse No Decent collection of metals, some options cut to exact size.
Metals4U Yes, if order value exceeds £75 Decent collection of metals (and some plastics), generally seems cheaper than Aluminum Warehouse. Can cut to length.


Supplier Free Shipping? Notes
Butler Fasteners and Fixings n/a Excellent supplier for small quantities, have very diverse stock. Piled high with boxes of every obscure nut and bolt you can think of. Incredibly helpful in tracking down things to fit other things.
Accu No Large Collection of fasteners and other engineering components. Next day delivery possible.
Machine Mart n/a Large Collection of machinery, tools and hardware. About a 10 minute walk from the Hackspace.



Machines: Superbox CNC Router.

Supplier Location Examples Notes
Rennie Tool Company (Ebay shop) Manchester, UK DLC Coated Single Flute Carbide Endmill Three Tooth Carbide Threadmill Seems to be cheaper to order directly from their own website rather than through the eBay store.
Apt (Associated Production Tooling) Glasgow, UK Various Carbide Tooling (much like Rennie)
perfecttime01 (Ebay shop) Hong Kong 2 Flutes Dia 6mm Chamfer End Mill
Banggood Hong Kong/ Cyprus 10pcs 1/8 Inch (3.175mm) 2 Flute End Mill 10pcs 1-3.175mm 2 Flute End Mill
Cutwel Cleckheaton, UK Chamfer Mills (Various) Cutters for Aluminium Cutters for Plastics
RDG Tools West Yorkshire Milling Cutters , Ball End , Slot and End, HSS and Carbide
Dreanique (AliExpress Shop) Hangzhou, China DLC Coated Single Flute Carbide Endmill Likely Rennie's OEM for many tools. Cheaper if you can bear the longer delivery time.
Gloster Tooling (Ebay Shop) Gloucester, UK Kress 1050-FME Collets
Ruihan Tools (AliExpress Shop)] China Kress 1050-FME Collets Cheaper source of Kress collets if you can bear the longer delivery time.

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Band Saw

Machines: Startrite Bandsaw.

Supplier Location Examples Notes
Bandsaw Blades Direct Heanor 3200mm / 126", 1/2" to 3/4" wide These cost around £19 - £25 each.

Bicycle tools and parts

Supplier Free Shipping? Notes
J E James Cycles Yes Bad supplier, website lists things as in stock when they're not.
Bunnies Bikes Go to the shop. Not too far away. Matthew who works here really knows his stuff. Stock parts, and tools. Happy to help, old school bike shop. They have a custom spoke making machine.

Key Cutting and Engraving

Supplier Free Shipping? Notes
Quick Services ( n/a Best place we've found to have keys cut. Generally have the right blanks in stock, reasonable prices. Located in the Victoria Market, Victoria (Intu) Shopping Center

Glues and Adhesives


Supplier Location Notes
Fractory Barclays Eagle Lab, Union, Albert Square, Manchester M2 6LW Order custom metal parts online, delivery UK wide

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