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Roll Call

Board Members

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Full Minutes

Time Name Minute
21:03 Nachimir Nottinghack Board meeting, January the 4th about to begin.
21:03 Nachimir Hello
21:05 Nachimir Roll call: Dominic M, Kate B, Andrew A, David H, Daniel, Hayley T, Liz.
21:05 Nachimir Item 2: Actions.
21:07 Nachimir Only action done: Gas costs done. All others: Either not complete, or members not present. Most carried to next month.
21:08 Nachimir Action: Dominic to send chaser email out to people.
21:08 Nachimir Tony S: Has measurements for spray booth/shed, but not costs. Will complete next week.
21:08 Nachimir Item 3: Financial Update
21:08 Nachimir
21:09 Nachimir Start bank balance: £1929.04
21:09 Nachimir Out: £748.52
21:09 Nachimir In: £1069.52
21:09 Nachimir End: £2050.14
21:09 Nachimir Paypal Start: £35.76
21:09 Nachimir Paypal End: £35.76
21:09 Nachimir Membership: Start: 68
21:09 Nachimir New: 6
21:09 Nachimir Ex: 0
21:09 Nachimir End: 74
21:09 Nachimir Average membership due: £13.87
21:09 Nachimir In/Out Breakdown:
21:09 Nachimir Outgoings
21:09 Nachimir BizSpace: £576
21:09 Nachimir Talk talk: £28.74
21:09 Nachimir Other: £143.78
21:09 Nachimir Income
21:09 Nachimir Membership dues: £956.62
21:09 Nachimir Donations: £
21:09 Nachimir Events: £
21:09 Nachimir Pledges: £103
21:09 Nachimir Workshops: £10
21:10 Nachimir Financials end.
21:14 Nachimir Item 4: EMF Camp
21:15 Nachimir Dominic describes CCC: Massive camp at an airbase in Germany for electronics, coding and crafts. Jonty and Russ have formed a company to run a similar camp in the UK. Donnington looking like the favourite location, and Nottingham Hackspace will probably be involved in some capacity.
21:16 Nachimir If people available for those dates, look at the website and register your interest: Will be in the summer, probably in August.
21:16 LWK_mac still early days for organising untill site is confirmed,
21:17 Nachimir (Yeah, lots of "probably" in Dominic's description)
21:17 Nachimir No questions.
21:17 Nachimir Item 5: Keeping the space clean.
21:18 Nachimir Board have authorised purchase of a good quality mop bucket (i.e. industrial).
21:18 Nachimir Dominic proposes: Hiring a cleaner. Everyone generally agrees so far.
21:19 Nachimir Andrew Armstrong suggests: Ask building management if anyone else gets a cleaner in, might be a cheaper option for us. Action for Dominic.
21:21 Nachimir Dominic: We could ask the cleaner that does commmunal spaces, but would rather have someone we can fire if they're rubbish.
21:21 Rahlon left the chat room. (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:22 Nachimir Item 6: Sponsoring a Makership for LVL1 ( )
21:22 Nachimir Dominic describes makership programme.
21:22 Nachimir Suggests it would be nice for us to sponsor one.
21:23 Nachimir Dominic proposes $60, as they ask sponsors to send $5 per month.
21:23 Rahlon joined the chat room.
21:25 Nachimir Hayley suggests we run one right now, then sponsor one elsewhere later.
21:25 LWK_mac aye
21:25 Nachimir David H: Other way around. Better off sponsoring one for good PR now, and running our own much later. Latter has other overheads beyond the money.
21:25 Nachimir Kate: We should speak to LVL1.
21:26 Nachimir (Action: Dominic to chase James H on insurance policy)
21:26 Nachimir Action: Kate to email LVL1 about hackership.
21:26 Nachimir *makership
21:26 Nachimir Action: Dominic to raise it on mailing list.
21:27 Nachimir Item 7: A.O.B.
21:29 Nachimir David: Global Game Jam going ahead. Action: Raise on mailing list, draft blog post.
21:29 Nachimir Andrew: Window being fixed?
21:29 Nachimir Dominic: They've been measured this week and will apparently be fixed in a few days.
21:31 Nachimir Hayley: We moved in the 2nd of May? Are we going to commemorate in any way?
21:31 Nachimir Dominic: Our second birthday will be the 13th of February.
21:31 Nachimir David: Suggests one for an open day, one for a members party.
21:32 Nachimir David: Think May would be better for an open day, weather better, people more inclined to go out.
21:33 Nachimir Dominic: February, second birthday of Nottinghack party for members.
21:33 Nachimir Kate: 5th of May, bank holiday might be a good day.
21:33 Rahlon left the chat room. (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:33 Nachimir Action: Kate to take on members party for February.
21:34 Nachimir Action: May open day to be added to next agenda.
21:35 Nachimir (Late Entry: Pat).
21:35 Rahlon joined the chat room.
21:38 Nachimir Dominic: Proposed weekend of workshops, as soon as February, with whole weekend of workshops of various types.
21:38 Nachimir Kate, David: Too soon. Would negatively affect attendance.
21:39 Nachimir Hayley: A lot of organisation to do with teachers too.
21:40 Nachimir We should go out and ask who wants to run what.
21:41 Nachimir Dominic suggests early March, 3rd and 4th. We could push it back to April, but people wouldn't think about it until too late.
21:43 parag0n_ joined the chat room.
21:43 Nachimir Dominic: "There's no way, that Maker Faire will be the first weekend in March" *laughter from all*
21:44 Nachimir Actions: Dominic to rough out idea for it. Approach potential teachers for it.
21:44 Nachimir (Some discussion of who might like to run workshops).
21:44 Nachimir Meeting closed.