Benchtop Mill

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Benchtop Mill
Tool BenchtopMill.PNG

Manufacturer Wabeco
Model F1210
Obtained Pledge Drive (May 2016)
Location Upstairs Metalworking Area

Near back door

Team Metalworking
Induction Required No
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This is a Wabeco 11400 / F1210 precision milling machine which arrived as a result of the May 2016 pledged drive for tools.

Wiki page is work-in-progress - will be completed when the mill is installed in the Hackspace workshop. The mill is currently located on a bench near the donations area and the fire doors. Currently wooden covers have been made to protect the bed, please ensure these are replaced after use.



Milling vice. Digital caliper-type XYZ readouts. Dial indicator and mounting.




Do not, ever, use an ordinary Jacobs-type drill chuck to hold milling tools. Collet chucks are a much more secure and safe way of holding such tools (a drill-chuck is fine when the operating force is along the axis, but will loosen dangerously if sideways forces are applied).