Days Accident Free Counter

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Days Accident Free Counter
Primary Contact
Created 27/06/2011
Completed 30/08/2012‎
Members James Fowkes, msemtd
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Status Complete
Type Hackspace Infrastructure
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Nottingham Hackspace has a "Days Accident Free" counter, created by James Fowkes, replacing the previous version created by Michael Erskine.

How to use

  1. If you have an accident, press the big red button underneath the counter and fill in the whiteboard.


  1. Even the smallest accident is enough to reset the meter. If you bleed at all or get a visible bruise as a result of something that happens at the space, the meter resets to zero. Any minor injury is enough to reset the meter. If you're in doubt as to whether your accident counts, it probably does. Wet your pants? Meter resets.
  2. Special rule for James and Dominic: Falling off a unicycle always counts

Old Counter

The original counter, preserved for posterity:


Some sort of Rube-Goldberg system for putting the current counter value "online" and detecting a reset. Probably involving webcam->laptop->OCR software->webserver.