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The blue door to the hackspace.

This page is about getting into the space. For travel information see getting to the space, for the layout see The Space.

As a member, you have 24-hour access to the space. There are a number of doors between Hackspace and the street. Access codes and Gatekeeper RFID cards are required, which you will receive as part of the joining process. The RFID card can be picked up on Wednesday evening once you become a member.

Main Entrances

Alfred Street Spiral Stairs

Street access to the first floor workshops, Studio and social spaces, Use the entrance on the south-east corner of Roden House; at the corner of Ashley and Alfred streets. for public events door codes will not be needed, Otherwise door codes are available for members on HMS, The narrow spiral stairs are shared with other tenants, Nottingham hackspace is accessible at the first floor landing via a short corridor "Airlock" with doors at either end, Codes and RF id needed to access are provided to members, Normally access will be arranged or the doors left unlocked for public events, go through the Airlock to enter the comfet area and the rest of the first floor workshops, Normally this is the starting point for Membership tours and adional signage will be provided.


On the innermost door, you will find Gatekeeper (pictured right), for which you will need an RFID card. The RFID reader is behind the H symbol.

Accessibility Entrance, Lift and Wide stairs

Alternatively, the hackspace can also be accessed from the Roden Street entrance. This is the wide solid door in the middle of the block, normally this is open or ajar and is shared with other tenants of Roden House. The stairs are on the right as you go in , the lift just a little further on the same side, We are on the first floor, Exiting the lift, turn right head through the corridor doors to a junction with another corridor, turn left, our entrance is the sole door at the end of the long corridor, there is RF ID or a bell on the door to gain access, this will bring you directly into the workshop.

Workshop Back door Outside.jpg

RFID card access

Access gatekeeper.jpg

RFID is provided by the membership team to new members, you can pick up a blank replacement RFID card from the hackspace for a £1 on a Wednesday evening (at times when it's not possible for the membership team to meet with members see the process on the HMS/Gatekeeper Setup page).

Once registered, the Gatekeeper LCD displays a welcome message whenever you swipe in. By default, it's "Welcome [your name]", but you should be able to edit it in your HMS profile. Beware, multiple RFID cards too close together in your wallet may cause the reader to misread, in which case the LCD will say "Access denied" instead of your greeting.


Downstairs can be accessed using the internal route from upstairs, see below.

It can also be access from the Roden Street entrance (which has signs about the gym upstairs). The doors are unlocked and open during the day. Go straight on passed the lift on your right. The go through a couple of sets of doors, the corridor opens out and Hackspace's downstairs entrance is to the left.

An RFID card is required to enter Hackspace 2.5. Swipe the card on the Hackspace H on Gatekeeper.

Internal route between upstairs and downstairs

Remember to take your RFID door access card.

From upstairs go through the back doors of the hackspace, past the Metalworking Area. Follow the corridor along and around to the right, where you will reach this goods lift.

Go to the ground floor use the stairwell (or lift, see below). Turn right at the bottom of the stairs or from lift (opposite way to the Roden Street entrance). Carry on through a couple of sets of doors, the corridor opens out and Hackspace's downstairs entrance is to the left.

Lift and disabled access

This is the lift, currently can only operated from the outside.
New People rated lift.

Downstairs can be accessed from Roden Street, see above.

Upstairs can be accessed via lift - but unfortunately it can not be operated from the inside. You will need someone to go to the first level and press the button to call the lift to that floor. Hackspace are currently working on improving this situation.

From Bizspace (Feb 1st)
The clear door opening is 900 mm
The internal car size is 1400 x 1496 deep
Euro pallet sizes recommended are Euro 1 800x1200 mm and Euro 6 800x600mm
Clear door height 2.0m

Leaving the space

If you are the last person leaving the space, please turn off the lights and make sure doors are not latched and that they close properly behind you. We share the stairwell with the dance school on the floor above, who do leave the street door on the latch during their class hours: 16:00 - 21:00 weeknights, daytimes at weekends. Signage on doors also details their hours. Also see Locking up

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QR Code Signs

There are QR Code signs for areas of the space and for tools.