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Date: Saturday, 26 May Time: 11am - 6pm

We are just starting to organise the 2012 open day. If you've been looking for a way to contribute to Nottinghack, now is a good time to get involved.

See last year's open day 2011 for inspiration.

If you want to get involved but you can't be bothered to edit this wiki then please drop an email to the mailing list discussion here.

Projects that will be on show

These are the projects we will advertise (TBC) . If can prepare or demo any projects on the open day, please let us know or add them here:

Project Possible promotional materials Demonstrator/Organiser* Confirmed** Other notes
Mini-matrix n/a Daniel Not yet
Vending machine n/a Daniel Not yet
Stock for Vending machine Chunky Not yet To include: Badge kit, bat detector, POV, Drawdio, joule theif, TV-B-Gone, Xino, Minimus
Quadrocopter [1] Lwk Not yet
Reprap Prusa [2] Lwk Not yet
Arduino demos Lwk Not yet
LED Matrix Lwk Not yet
Pedal powered projects
Chunky Not yet
Michael's MAME Machine Msemtd Not yet
Crafty stuff (details TBC) Kate Not yet
Colouring-in, for kids of all ages Kate Not yet
POV Clock Tim & Dan Not yet
Quadcopter/drone Tim & Dan Not yet Won't be assembled on the day, showing work in progress.
Props: Medic costume Andrew Not yet
Props: Steampunk and vintage cameras
Gmjhowe Not yet
Atari punk console [3] [4] Gmjhowe Not yet

Party preparations

These are things will be ready for the party:

Party Promotional photos Organiser* Confirmed** Other notes
Music set Chunky Not yet Funk?
Music set Kate Yes Nerdcore/random things
Punch Kate Not yet So very alcoholic
Beer Chunky Not yet
Not yet

* People who will prepare for the day (or demo this project on the day).
** Confirmation that the project will be ready and working on the day. Please confirm, eg: "definitely will be ready", "maybe ready", etc.

Volunteer roles

Before the day

Last-minute preparations

These people have offered to come on the Wednesday before the open day to help with any last minute preparations, such as cleaning, organising, etc.:

Person Confirmed Notes
Andrew Not yet
? ? ?


Flyers and posters have been printed and are available in the Blue Room [5]. These are the places where we are distributing promotional materials:

Destination Emailed Flyers delivered Poster put up Notes
Maplin Todo (Joe D) "maplin won't put up a poster anywhere other than the

staff room, I've asked previously"

Antenna Done (Joe D, 20/5/2012) Done (Joe D, 20/5/2012) The open day was mentioned in their newsletter (sent out on 21/5/2012).
Knit Nottingham Done (Kate, 20/5/2012)
The Bead Shop Done (Kate, 20/5/2012)
Husqvanna Todo (Joe D) Done (Joe D, 20/5/2012)
anchor surplus
sumac centre
the Moot Done (David H, 17/5/2012)
around Roden House
1 Thoresby St
Lee Rosy's

Other suitable places could be: libraries, galleries, museums, craft shops, bike shops, and camera shops.

On the day

Greeters/tour guides

Greeters who will welcome newcomers on the day, offer tours, and share membership information. Be warned: people who did this last year say that it was a big job, so they had little time remaining to show off their projects during the day.

Person Confirmed Notes
Kate Greeter/Tour Guide
? ? ?

Other notes

Chunky has other projects to bring (to confirm by email)