Strip Heater Pledge

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This was a pledge to buy an acrylic strip heater and bender. This is a Hobby unit from Rotabend. Wanting to buy the Option 3 which includes Heater, Bending Jig, Timer and Maintenance kit. Cost is £169.95 inc VAT and Delivery.


Hobby Strip Heater + Attachements

List of pledges

Please only post on the Google Group mailing list if you really, truly have forgotten your HMS password and need to have someone else to update this.

Who How Much Paid? Method Paid
Matt Little £20 Yes Bank Xfer: PLEDGEAS-MEL (Confirmed)
Ian D £20 Yes Ref: PLEDGEAS-ID (Confirmed)
Michael E £17.77 Yes txfer (PLEDGEAS-ME) (Confirmed)
Dominic Morrow £10 Yes txfer PLEDGEAS DM+SNACKS (Confirmed)
'RepRap' Matt £10 Yes Xfer (PLEDGEAS-ML) (Confirmed)
Damon Pulsford £20 Yes Bank TX (DP-ACRYLICBEND)
Bob Wood £5 yes Xfer (Confirmed)
Mark Cambridge £20 Yes Bank Xfer: PLEDGEAS-MC (Confirmed)
Kai Pays £20 Yes (Confirmed)
Betty Ching £15 Yes Bank TX (Confirmed)
James Fowkes £12.23 Yes Bank TX (JF-ACRYLICBEND) (Confirmed)
Paul Meynell £10 Yes xfer 30/1/17 (Confirmed)