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Intended Use Going to the loo & Storing cleaning supplies
Floor Upstairs
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Team Infrastructure
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The Toilet is for carrying out the necessaries. It is looked after by all of our members.

Important notes

Cleaning the toilets isn't a pleasant job, but its one that needs doing! If you leave them in a particularly bad state please do the honorable thing: Grab the brush & start scrubbing.


question This area does not require booking and can not be booked.

There are locks on all of the cubicles. If you need additional privacy for any reason, there is a lock on the door to the bathroom too.

Materials and consumables

Additional loo roll is located on the shelves with the cleaning supplies, near the window, behind the far cubicle.

Cleaning and maintenance

Always leave the area as you would like to find it. Build time into your schedule for cleaning up. The cleaning equipment is located near the window, behind the far cubicle.

Problems and issues

question If there is a problem in the Toilets contact the Infrastructure team.

Tasks that currently need doing

Fix Leaking Tap

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