WiFi-enabled Banjo

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WiFi-enabled Banjo
Primary Contact Michael Erskine
Created 31/03/2016
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Members Toby
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Toby bought a banjo and it has suffered feature creep. We are adding a WiFi hotspot and a website.

Project Overview

Project on GitHub: https://github.com/msemtd/WiFiBanjo

Status --Michael Erskine (talk) 11:20, 1 April 2016 (UTC)

  • NodeMCU obtained from the far East running an Arduino core
  • Power bank also secured - needs a good charging
  • power connector made up with 12V to 5V step down
  • GitHub project created with first Arduino sketch for Captive Portal


Running the Arduino core on the NodeMCU

Captive Portal Mode

  • Pretty dull and limited space for a mad, interactive website
  • confusing to visitor unless we can get it to redirect automatically and open a browser on the page (a la other fancy captive wifi portals)

Client Net Mode

  • banjo NodeMCU operates as WiFi client (will need AP config though!)
    • perhaps have a config AP switch on there for setup - username and password protected
  • NodeJS server to accept (preferably persistent) connection from banjo - WebSockets?
  • we want snappy control of banjo from a globally available website - URL available as QRcode or tinyurl from handy page
  • website shows if banjo is online or not - might provide location map too
  • many people can connect to the website as visitors and authenticate in some manner (Facebook Auth is easy-ish)
  • Performer asks crowd to do something on the website to authenticate - shares a time limited secret
  • queue of visitors who want to control something on the banjo
  • Performer has administrative interface and can see who wants to do what
  • authenticated visitors can leave a message on the chat window
  • banjo can indicate how many visitors there are
  • this admin interface can be all sorts of things but a nice tablet might be best