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These are historical, actions have not been extracted into the Wiki

Roll Call

Board Members

This meeting was quorate


Full Minutes

Time Name Minute
20:04 Nachimir Nottinghack board meeting about to begin, May 9th 2012
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20:05 LWK_mac !status
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20:07 Nachimir Board members: Dominic (Remote) Matt Little, Matt Lloyd, David H, James H, Michael E, members: Andrew A, Kate B, Daniel, Jake H.
20:07 Nachimir 2. Actions update:
20:07 Nachimir (Marcus not present)
20:07 Nachimir James and Dominic: Not sorted constitutional proposal for potential banning of members yet.
20:08 Nachimir Marcus: Pledge for welding mask - done.
20:08 Nachimir Spray booth: Tony has moved away, max not present.
20:08 Nachimir Historical minutes: Sent to James, to be posted on wiki.
20:08 Nachimir Test files on Risograph: Not done yet.
20:08 Nachimir Pat: Proposal for area in which projects can be left for a few days: Not come back on it yet.
20:09 Nachimir Kate asks: What about event stuff? Why isn't that on there? (Loads has been done on that, by Kate)
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20:10 Nachimir Item number something: Mini maker faire, events.
20:10 Nachimir Kate has filled out forms, etc. for us. Proposes that anything people bring to the maker faire, we ask "Can we take this for Derby MMF"
20:11 Nachimir James asks Dominic if there will be a soldering table, that we run. Dominic: Will have a better idea after next Friday. Question of funding at the moment.
20:11 Nachimir James says: Would be a good idea to run that, right next to Nottinghack stall.
20:12 Nachimir Matt: We have about 120 badge clips, but only 50 with clips.
20:13 Nachimir We either need to get a whole load more done, or ask Beta Layouts again.
20:14 Nachimir Matt says he could make them cheaper. Current battery clip is 37p, could find a much cheaper one.
20:15 Nachimir Dominic asks: Matt, is he proposing that we go back and ask Beta Layouts and ask for more sponsored ones? Otherwise, quite expensive. Badge boards are about €1 each
20:15 Nachimir (Correction) Matt Little: Yes, ask them to support us again. Otherwise, quite expensive. Badge boards are about €1 each
20:16 ChickenGrylls action for me
20:17 Nachimir Dominic has been in touch with Beta, thinks we're in a good position to ask.
20:17 Nachimir Matt Little would like to redesign. Also, £30 for battery clips for old ones we have left.
20:17 Nachimir All in favour.
20:17 ChickenGrylls Aye
20:17 Nachimir Matt Lloyd: Would like to send £30ish on relays for the lighting automation project.
20:18 Nachimir James: Will attempt to create a demo to take to Maker Faire, but will see how it goes.
20:18 Nachimir All in favour of relays? (All in favour so far)
20:19 ChickenGrylls What is the date/
20:19 Nachimir Matt Lloyd: Maker Faire Manchester. Are we going?
20:19 Nachimir Kate: Can arrange things, can't go.
20:19 Nachimir Dominic: Might be quite a good trip. Can visit museum, hacklab, etc.
20:19 Nachimir James: It's a really good museum.
20:20 Nachimir Kate: Action, to find out what we can do at Manchester mini maker faire.
20:20 Nachimir Dominic: Doesn't cost for makers, only really if you're a commercial business.
20:20 ChickenGrylls I wouldn't mention selling stuff at Manchester
20:21 ChickenGrylls ..yet
20:22 Nachimir James: We'll look into crashing at Hacman, or hostel, etc.
20:22 ChickenGrylls Backpackers would be good again
20:22 Nachimir Was about £18 each for hostel in Newcastle.
20:22 Nachimir David Clarke asked James to bring up Hack the Space, which he's been doing on Tuesday nights.
20:23 Nachimir He's put a list on the wiki, thinks it would be good to get done before the open day, but would like help.
20:24 Nachimir Nottinghack stall: Kate says "I'll fucking do it". David H to help.
20:25 Nachimir Kate, events:
20:25 Nachimir Three we can definitely do. Green festival, 10th June, £10.
20:25 Nachimir Matt Little: Will be there.
20:25 ChickenGrylls Ok Kate
20:25 Nachimir Dominic: Want instructions on how to do pinhole cameras.
20:26 ChickenGrylls Yes no problem
20:26 ChickenGrylls we need to try and see if the one at the Windmill worked
20:26 Nachimir Snienton Market: 30th of June, very local, £15.
20:26 Nachimir Awaiting paperwork.
20:26 ChickenGrylls and also the ones from Derby Makers
20:26 Nachimir I hope you're not talking to me Dominic, because I'm busy taking minutes
20:27 ChickenGrylls Just getting comments in the minutes
20:27 Nachimir Riverside Festival, £162. 3 - 5th of August.
20:27 Nachimir Matt Little: First two, definitely. Riverside, probably not as useful to us.
20:28 Nachimir Not quite the right fit for Nottingham Hackspace
20:28 Nachimir (Dominic's battery is running low)
20:28 Nachimir Dominic: Agree, we should find more niche events.
20:29 Nachimir James: Are you allowed to just rock up and sell stuff? Matt Little: No, definitely not.
20:29 Nachimir James: We got £280 from the Wollaton Hall event. Matt Little: But that was a science festival.
20:29 Nachimir James: We could sell a shed load of EL wire.
20:30 Nachimir Michael E: We'd be competing with the people selling cheap light up toys.
20:30 Nachimir Dominic: Matt Little is right about the commitment required for it. I don't think we'd get enough enthusiasm from members to sustain for three days.
20:31 Nachimir James: So vote yes to Green Festival and Snienton Market, but no to Riverside? Ayes from all.
20:31 Nachimir Kate: Summer is pretty intensive as is (Lists events, inc. maker faire, open day). Michael: We should have a long break weekend, where we all do star jumps for 24 hours.
20:33 ChickenGrylls Empower the membership
20:34 Nachimir Jake: Need to get confirmed people coming along.
20:34 Nachimir Not maybes.
20:34 Nachimir A.O.B
20:35 Nachimir Matt Little: Battery clips: Cost would be £38.40 from Rapid. (No objections).
20:35 Nachimir Money already spent on those parts: £43.16p. Also sent a bat detector kit to Hitchen Hackspace, owed £17. (No objections)
20:37 Nachimir Other thing: Buying Drawdio kits from Brighton Hackspace. Will do them for £5, we can sell for about 10. Matt asked for 25 or 50. He probably would do it. Packed in 12s.
20:37 Nachimir Dominic: Ask for 30 days terms?
20:37 Nachimir James: 24 on 30 days terms? £120ish.
20:38 Nachimir Matt Lloyd: Brighton are at Derby Makers, so will be selling them themselves.
20:38 ChickenGrylls 24 kits
20:38 ChickenGrylls We also have POV kits to sell
20:39 Nachimir David H: Plenty of other kits were being made in the soldering area at the Maker Faire.
20:39 Nachimir Dominic: No agreement yet on where kits are sold.
20:39 Nachimir at DMMF
20:39 Nachimir On balance: People think to not bother with Drawdio kits until we have the spare cash.
20:40 Nachimir ChickenGrylls, we've lost you on Skype.
20:41 Nachimir (Dominic returns. Ish)
20:41 Nachimir AOB from Dominic: Still haven't heard back from Bizspace regarding rent. Was assured yesterday he'd hear today, chased up both days. Not heard yet.
20:41 Nachimir Rent due three days ago. Think we should pay it immediately.
20:42 Nachimir Matt and James: We should negotiate the new contract first.
20:43 Nachimir Matt: Bill was for May, electricity falls in last year.
20:44 Nachimir Dominic: Going to get in touch and escalate.
20:44 Nachimir Other AOB from Dominic: Keen to invite other hackspaces to visit Nottinghack during DMMF.
20:45 Nachimir Dominic thinking to invite them over on the Friday evening, before the makers day.
20:45 Nachimir Kate: Friday pre-party, essentially.
20:46 Nachimir Matt: Only if it doesn't take away from the things we're organising at DMMF.
20:47 Nachimir Jake: Unless we get an abundance of people volunteering, I think a no.
20:47 Nachimir Dominic: I think we can trust some of them with door codes, etc.
20:48 Nachimir Overall, a yes to them visiting the hackspace.
20:49 Nachimir More AOB from Matt Little: Board Elections.
20:49 Nachimir James: Dominic and he need to sort out constitution.
20:49 Nachimir Dominic: Need to set a date.
20:50 Nachimir James: Between the open day and the party, because more members will be around.
20:50 Nachimir plus voting by email.
20:50 Nachimir Unanimously in favour.
20:50 Nachimir Final item: Financial update
20:51 Nachimir Matt Lloyd: Depends on how next year's contract shakes out and how membership grows.
20:51 Nachimir If nothing changes, we'll last until September.
20:53 Nachimir New members in last month: 7 new, 2, possibly 3 ceased. Average membership has gone up slightly.
20:54 Nachimir Suggest we set up an overdraft in the next month and a half, just in case. Memberships in and bill out are out of sync slightly.
20:54 Nachimir James: Could we get a grant from anywhere.
20:54 Nachimir Dominic: Not the moment to solve the problem, lets just get the facts.
20:55 Nachimir Matt Little: Need to get rental agreement sorted. James: Could we get Matt access to the bank account? Dominic: His action to do that, and get overdraft.
20:55 Nachimir Matt Ll: £500 - £1000 would give us enough leeway to make sure we're covering any gaps in timing on fees in and bills out.
20:55 Nachimir Ended April with £2581 in the bank.
20:57 Nachimir Made a profit.
20:57 Nachimir James: DMMF is one of the biggest recruitment events we could possibly have.
20:58 Nachimir Not conflict between us and Derby Makers: It's an offshoot of Nottinghack, and we have different offers.
20:58 Nachimir James: Don't want us to be putting down Derby Makers at DMMF. We need people on stand to be clear on that.
20:59 Nachimir ( Chickengrylls, the battery has run out on the iPad. Matt Lloyd is getting his out)
20:59 ChickenGrylls No worries
21:01 Nachimir James: AOAOB? Everyone: No.
21:01 Nachimir Meeting over!