Electronics Area

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Electronics Area
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Intended Use Workshop area for working on Electronics Projects
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Team Electronics
Floor Downstairs
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The Electronics Area has three/four bays for working on electronics. It is equipped with soldering irons, power supplies, oscilloscopes etc. It in located in the same room, opposed to the CNC Area.


Tool Quantity Consumables? More required? Location Comments Looks Like
PCB Drill 1 N/A N Loan from James Fowkes / David Clarke
Bubble Etch Tank 1 N/A N Loan from James Fowkes
UV Exposuure Box 1 N/A N Loan from James Fowkes
PCB Lightbox 1 N/A N
Multimeters 3 N/A N
Oscilloscopes 2 N/A
Bench PSU 2 N/A N
Wire strippers 3 N/A Y
Side cutters 3 N/A Y
Locking Wire Pliers 1 wire N
Crimp Tool 1 N/A Y For Molex KK crimps
Crimp Tool 1 N/A Y Basic R/B/Y
Cat5 3@30cm, 2@1m, 3@3m N/A Y
Desolder tool 3 N/A N
Electric Wire Wrap Tool 1 N ?

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