Metalworking Downstairs

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Metalworking Downstairs
Intended Use Workshop area for metalworking
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Team Metalworking
Floor Downstairs
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The downstairs Metalworking area currently being created by volunteers. Most tools are still in the upstairs Metalworking Area. It can be accessed via the internal entrance for downstairs, then walking straight on through the CNC Area, Blue Room and dance school entrance. The area then off the Main Corridor opposite the Classroom.

Tools and equipment


A list of tools in this area with wiki pages is available here: Tools and Equipment in Metalworking Downstairs

Important notes

This area is under development so extra care should be taken when preparing to carry out work. Tools in this area can have a steep learning curve. Please don't hesitate to post on the Google Group or Slack channels if you require assistance.


Remove tripping hazards from the gangways around the machines. Lights are currently powered from mains sockets in the Main Corridor.


question This area does not require booking and can not be booked. Card access via the dance school is currently limited. To gain entry; either ask to be added to members with access, or ask a member with access this part of downstairs.

Materials and consumables

Cleaning and maintenance

Always leave the area as you would like to find it. Build time into your schedule for cleaning up.

Problems and issues

question If there is a problem in the area contact the Metalworking team in the first instance. If a tool is broken or damaged report it to the relevant team listed on the Tool's wiki page.

Tasks that currently need doing

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