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HMS is currently hosted on holly, and can be accessed at:, or at hms if connected to the Hackspace network.

To log in, please click the link titled: “Already a member? Login”, then enter your username and password.


Hackspace Management System (HMS) is developed by Hackspace members to help organise membership administration. Every Hackspace member registers an account as part of the signup process.

The Membership team can access relevant information. Members can view their Snackspace balance, book time on tools, see our door access codes, and update their contact details when they change etc. HMS manages members project storage and prints approved Do Not Hack labels.

HMS is managed by the Software team.

More info behind HMS and Instrumentation.

If you joined before HMS was in use, you will need to reset your password.

List of functions


Things members can do with HMS:

Membership team

There are certain functions of HMS that are restricted to the membership team. These include:


Where your HMS username / password is valid

  • HMS (obviously)
  • Wiki
  • spacenet - username is <lowercase hms login>


Source code, bug tracking and development notes for HMS can be found on Github


HMS 1 development was started on 19th August 2012
HMS 1 went live some time in January 2013
HMS 1 development ended 15th May 2016
HMS 2 development start 15th May 2016
HMS 2 went live on 7th July 2019

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