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== Operational Information ==
== Operational Information ==

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The Resources Team works on keeping various stocks of items that are used up over time but are typically not stocked by pledge drives, tools or other things.

How to request items

Please use the Google form to request new items.

You can contact the group at resources -at- but you will be directed to fill in the form in the first instance.

You may also come to the monthly meeting (see below) to request items; please bring an example and some rough information at a minimum. We also are happy to have new members of the group to help us.

Items are then voted on by the Resources Team members monthly and it will be brought if there are enough yes votes. For emergency items they may be purchased more immediately; please email the group if it is an emergency.

Monthly Meeting

The Resources Team is having a meeting on the first Tuesday of every month, at 8:30PM.

Anyone is welcome to come and request items although decision making, budgeting and buying will be handled by the resources team. The resources team will have a final say on any items suggested but we are open to anything being suggested and a record will be taken so we know the what and why of what decision was made.

We also will sometimes stock check certain items, on a list to be determined by what is used a lot.

Meeting Notes

Operational Information

For Resources Team use only, please do not use these forms:


List of suppliers need to be filled in here so we know where to get stuff from.

  • Macro - Dominic Morrow can buy items from here. He keeps an eye on the Tea, coffee and sugar.
  • Staples - Lionel has a discount card
  • Range/Wilco - Storage boxes.


We will use Wham boxes (The Range or Wilko) for storing most resources so we (and all members) can easily find them. Noted on the core items list.

The ones we use are not always in stock, especially at Wilko, but are replenished frequently. Dclarke (talk) 18:06, 2 December 2014 (UTC)

Delivery People

  • Dominic Morrow will be available to take deliveries
  • Lionel currently will get some items delivered to him personally
  • Andrew can take small things


WHAT? The Resources Group (CG) is a volunteer-run team of Nottingham Hackspace (HSNotts) members, tasked with replenishment of essential and non-essential items for the Hackspace (known as resources or consumables). They veto and maintain a list of resources that will be available in the space for any member to use, funded by HSNotts. Any member may request an item be considered for addition.

HOW? The Resources Group will maintain a core list of items published on the Wiki and agreed quarterly at the members meeting. It will maintain an appropriate method of contact (currently by email to resources -at- and a published method of requesting consumables. The group will hold meetings at least quarterly.

BUDGET? The Resources Group Budget will not exceed £200 monthly unless otherwise agreed by 3 trustees in special circumstances. The Budget is to be evaluated and agreed annually at the Nottinghack AGM (note: may be better to make this the first members meeting after).

OUT-OF-SCOPE - The Resources Group will not be responsible for the purchase of capital equipment, spare parts for the maintenance of tools, shelving, fixtures or fittings, general use tools etc.