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The Hackspace has a wide variety of tools available for members to use. The condition of tools in the space varies wildly but, generally speaking, most are well maintained. Interesting tools include the Laser cutter, Myford lathe, Welding equipment, CNC Mill etc.

It can be hard to locate the specific tool you need, particularly hand tools. The Tools we have page is an incomplete list of our tools and their locations (please, please, please, put things back where they're supposed to go).

Note Note: If you have a good understanding of a tool, consider contributing some instructions to the relevant wiki page.


Some of our tools require inductions before they can be used. The induction has been introduced either because the tool is dangerous or it requires specific skills to use. Inductions cost £20, normally last about an hour and will give a short introduction on how to operate the tool safely. On each wiki page you will find information on how to book an induction for that tool.

Induction Tools are:

Tools By Location

Tools Processes


With the exception of a few large tools, replacement consumables can be requested through the Tools Team.

Note Note: It is important to remember teams are volunteer run and the Hackspace is not a service. If you need something urgently it is often better to bring your own consumables.

Broken Tools

Broken Tools box
For Tools with Wiki Pages, The responsible team is listed on the page.

Broken tools happen, don't worry too much about it. Please don't just run away from the problem or leave the tool in an unsafe state; report it.

Please also report any Maintenance that needs carrying out to the relevant tools team.

Getting New Tools

In the workshop areas, space is a finite resource and we unfortunately do not have room to accommodate everything. Sometimes the Hackspace will not have the specific Tool you require. If you think the tool you want will also be useful to other members it may be possible to obtain the tool through the following processes:

Pledge Drives

A pledge drive is a way for members to communally fund a tool or piece of equipment.


Some of our tools have been obtained as a result of member donations or long term loans.

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