2012-02-01 Minutes

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Due to time issues on the part of JH, the agenda for this meeting was only very basic, so most discussion happened during the AOB section.

Action Overview

Action Agenda Point Responsible Due Date
LVL1 Contact, Sponsorship 2 DM, Kate 07/03/2012
Hot water - Bizspace 2 DM 07/03/2012
Electric Bill - Bizspace 2 DM 07/03/2012
Spraying booth - build 2 Tony next update 07/03/2012
Security camera to mailing list 2 Tony 07/03/2012
Add Open day (5th May) to calendar and mailing list 2 JH 07/03/2012
Give Andrew access to blog 4 JH 07/03/2012
Global Game Jam blog post 4 Andrew 07/03/2012
New server to replace Holly 4 MLl 07/03/2012
Buy 2 ring electric hob 4 Kate 07/03/2012
Add copying details to wiki 4 David C 07/03/2012

1. Roll Call

Board Members

This meeting was quorate


2. Action Update

  • Shelves in Members Room - Matt Ll, no action.
  • Electric Bill - Dominic, not been chased.
  • Bizspace Hot water - Dominic, no action.
  • Recylcing - James, no action, but potentially will get more boxes.
  • Staircase - resolved itself (Auto activated lights).
  • Spraying Booth - Tony, plan been finalised. Extraction is main issue; need someone with experience with it.
    • Matt Li: He's liked tractors in the past so is a ex-tractor fan.
    • Tarp for coverings since it is cheap. David might have spare tarp.
    • Costing was around £50. Voted on doing this.
  • Security - Tony - was discussed in a proper meeting. A box for 4 security cameras for around £250. £300 non installed. Additional cost for 50M cable to holly is £18. Top end £350.
    • Tony will action putting it on the mailing list for a final weeks discussion, barring camera specifics.
    • DPA question - If requested, people can get footage. Box does 2 weeks of recording. Need to put up notices on it and have someone nominated as data protection person. David H falls under this from before.
    • Marcus brings up concerns on if it is insecurity, and that the hackspace has a sense of trust and community already.
      • Tony had this raised in the meeting. Minimise impact of cameras due to location and that there are others then just members in the hackspace.
      • Dominic raised that it was discussed in 3 board meetings and a specific meeting where it could have been raised, and at cameragate.
      • James raised it is for also times when members are not here.
  • James - Insurance document - sent around list and no one disagreed. Insurance started today!
  • Dominic - to check on cleaners. No action.
  • Dominic - LVL1 sponsorship - no action.
  • Kate - LVL1 email and sponsorship - no action.
  • Kate - Hackspace party on 11th of Feb - no action so no party, Kate is busy anyway.
  • David - Put up on possible May 5th open day. Discussed:
    • No objections to open day.
    • James will add it to the calendar.
  • Dominic - planning prospective workshop weekend; Dominic hasn't got the time with other things and so cannot dedicate time to it in the near future.

3. Financial Update

MLl to add financial update to Wiki

4. AOB

  • Daniel - Replacement for Holly. Current problem is holly crashes randomly once a month (stops gatekeeper and other issues).
    • First option is making it from parts.
      • James raised it might not be done and Matt Ll might be it doesn't work.
    • £100 server with rebate is a second option.
      • Allows for the additional services and might be more rock solid.
      • Carried to spend £200 and get £100 rebate on a server.
  • David - Windowframe gap; has been taped up.
    • Dominic - Part of coming in was Bizspace fix the windows, now they have to a degree we are likely responsible.
    • Possible Hack The Space in March to do some DIY around.
  • Kate - Candlemaking workshop needs a hob; 2 ring one for around £20. Current one is Dominics. Also soapmaking workshop needed it.
    • Carried.
  • David - Sorted scanning and copying and so forth and added items to the Windows machine. Will document on the wiki.
  • Dominic - In the process of organising a mini maker faire. No UK maker faire in Newcastle this year (funding ran out this year; although that funding wasn't really necessary from discussions). They're looking to do one again in 2013. Discussing with Hannah Fox at Silt Mill where the Derby stuff is done, so can get to use the space and staff; the size of the Nottinghack is an issue.
    • June 2nd, Saturday.
    • Trying to make it pretty big - Tim Hunkin coming!
    • Lots of interest from other hackspaces and makers around the country.
    • Screening of Star Wars at the Quad.
    • Want to do a makers only event on the Sunday, and possible events at the Nottinghack space the Friday before and Sunday after.
    • Also money is going in to the Derby Silt Mill for renovation including a Makers area for Derby.
    • Bristol - Environment Agency Head Office for a secondment for a year. Will be staying on as a director until elections at least. Still underwriter for the Bizspace agreement (and is buying a van!). Laser cutter is staying. 20th of Feb move.
  • Michael - Speed cubing event discussion at past meetings. However 2 in the process already - Irish Open, and Guilford one - Michael is helping organising both. UK open they want to find a venue in Nottingham - but can't be Nottinghack, 100 competitors.
    • Possibly Ice Arena, new Victoria Leisure Centre, etc.
    • Summer/Autumn time.
  • Andrew - Global Game Jam was successful, profit and gas can and good games etc. Will write a blog post.