Festivus 2019 Drinks Pledge

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On the night of the 23rd December 2019 members and their guests are invited to the historic and traditional Nottingham Hackspace Festivus Party, our last before the world quietly slips into the 20s. 

Activities will be kicked off officially at 18:30 (that's half six pee em) with a screening of Seinfeld 

"A Festivus for the rest of us" 

followed by:


EAT: We will have a "pot-luck" Festivus Dinner... the more YOU bring the more there will be to eat. We invite you to (salad) dress to impress with your interesting and delicious festive dishes so please bring some food to share! Andrew Armstrong is bringing cake as he said no one else was any good at baking! 

DRINK: There will be a barrel of real ale from Totally Brewed (for which we usually have a pledge drive) as well as many un-alcoholic drinks seeing as mein-host is now on the waggon. You are also of course invited to bring a bottle or bowl (punch...) of something along to share. 

AND BE JERRY: We may have music as well as the traditional Festivus activities which optionally include: 

THE AIRING OF GRIEVANCES in which the founder will detail the many ways in which you have all disappointed me over the past year.

THE FEATS OF STRENGTH will be the traditional bout of NINJA though of course it'll only be over once the host has challenged one of the guests to wrestle and the guest has successfully pinned the host.

We encourage you to come along to this party which is a tradition of ours in the Festive season. The Hackspace will be properly decorated with a bare aluminium pole (and nothing more). We'll have the arcade machines up and running, there is talk of board games and rock-band games whatever they are as well as many other diverting activities. Cards against humanity is banned.

Tools & booze do not mix so tools will be strictly off limits to revellers of course. Do bring friends and family along too if that's your jam. 

Dominic Morrow
(Festivus Host)

Drinks Pledges

Totally Brewed logo

Please post on the google group mailing list if you need someone to help updating this.

Please pay with the reference Festivus-XX where XX is your initials and list the reference used below.

Who How Much Paid? Payment Method
Dan S £10 Yes Bank transfer (confirmed)
Dominic £10 Yes Bank transfer ref: FestivusAle19 (confirmed)
Mark T £10 Yes Via Donate on HMS (confirmed)
Jymbob £10 No
Myles D £5 Yes Into the safe (confirmed)
Daniel £10 Yes Bank transfer: Festivus-DS (confirmed)
Mike £10 Yes Via Donate on HMS (confirmed)
Father Festivus £30 Yes Bank transfer: Festivus-FF (confirmed)
Its a £estivus Miracle
Ian D £17 Yes Bank transfer: Festivus-ID (confirmed)
Matt Little £10 No
Name £? No

Note: Please try to make payment asap once target is met. Payment can be made by:

  • bank transfer (details on HMS)
  • cash to a Trustee.
  • cash posted into the safe next to the money gobbler(slot on top) please put in envelope with your name,pledge amount and "Festivus Drinks Pledge".

Pledge Goal

A barrel of local beer from Totally Brewed in Nottingham is around £102 (inc VAT). This should last us for the Festivus party 🙂

Note Note: It's a festivus miracle!

The initial pledge goal was reached on 19-12-2019 so we've extended it as we would also like to buy some salad, snacks and soft drinks for everyone!

Stretch Goal

Nibbles, soft drinks etc. Please do pledge OVER the cost of beer. Not everyone drinks beer.



Happy Festivus! Here are some pictures from the event.