Warco GH-1330 Lathe

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Warco GH-1330 Lathe
Manufacturer Warco
Model GH-1330
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Obtained Pledge Drive (17/06/2016)
Location Metalworking Downstairs
Team Metalworking
Induction Required Yes (use request form)
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Status Defunct
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Model: https://www.warco.co.uk/metal-lathes/303222-gh1330-lathe.html

Acquired in via the New_Tools_May_2016/Pledge_Drive

Was owned by Paul Hayward of Silkstone whistles



Swing Over Bed 330mm / 13"
Swing Over Cross Slide 198mm / 7 3/4""
Swing Through Gap 476mm / 18 7/8"
Length of Gap 205mm / 8 1/8"
Distance Between Centres 750mm / 30"


Hole Through Spindle 38mm / 1 1/2"
Spindle Nose D1-4
Taper in Spindle Nose M.T.5
Spindle Taper Adapter M.T.3
Number of Spindle Speeds 8
Range of Spindle Speeds 70-2000rpm


Number of Metric Threads 29
Range of Metric Threads 0.45~7mm
Number of Inch Threads 32
Range of Inch Threads 3 1/2~80TPI
Lead Screw Pitch 7/8" x 8TPI
Feed Rod Diameter 3/4"

Compound and Carriage:

Toolpost Type 4-Way
Maximum Tool Size 16x16mm / 5/8"x5/8"
Maximum Compound Slide Travel 72mm / 2 7/8"
Maximum Cross Slide Travel 160mm / 6 5/16"
Maximum Carriage Travel 630mm / 25"


Tailstock Spindle Travel 92mm / 3 3/4"
Diameter of Tailstock Spindle 32mm / 1 1/4"
Taper in Tailstock Spindle M.T.3


Width of Bed 187mm / 7 3/8"
Main Motor 2HP, 1Ph, 240V
Height 1360mm / 53 1/2"
Length 1645mm / 65"
Width 750mm / 30"
Net Weight (approx.) 460kg / 1013lbs
Shipping Weight (approx.) 560kg / 1235lbs

The Manual is located by the machine.


As always at the Hackspace YOU are responsible for your own safety, proper machine operation and safety of those around you.

Borrowed most of the following from Mini-lathe.com & lathes.co.uk --'RepRap' Matt

  • Always wear eye protection
  • Wear short sleeve shirts, if possible, or shirts with snugly fitting cuffs if long sleeve
    • Loose sleeves can catch on rotating work and quickly pull your hand or arm into harm's way. 'RepRap' Matt has the scar to prove this point!
  • Remove wrist watches, necklaces, chains and other jewellery
  • Tie back long hair so it can't get caught in the rotating work
  • Never, ever, leave a chuck key in a chuck.
    • Get in the habit of removing the chuck key immediately after use
    • Never remove your hand from the chuck key when it is in the chuck
  • Keep your fingers clear of the rotating work and cutting tools
  • Avoid reaching over the spinning chuck
    • For filing operations, hold the tang end of the file in your left hand so that your hand and arm are not above the spinning chuck
  • After setting up any turning job, take a moment to pull the job round by hand to check that everything clears


Drill & Thread Charts

Refresher Video

This helpful video from Cambridge Makerspace gives an overview of the features on the Warco Lathe. It does not act as a replacement for the induction but is a useful tool for jogging your memory after you've had an induction.