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Event Info

Date August 5th-7th, 2016
Location Loseley Park, Guildford, Surrey, UK map
Ticket Prices TBA
Official EMF org links Offical Website; General EMF mailing list; facebook
Availability There will be 1500 tickets available. Demand looks to be high, so get your ticket early if you don't want to be dissapointed. Also there are likely to be early bird deals if you do that.


Who's going?

Be sure to create an account on the Electromagnetic Field Wiki and add yourself to the Nottingham Hackspace Village page.

Last year many of the attendees from Nottinghack each put in some money (around £20 each) to have cooked meals provided for the setup and the entire weekend. Sophie has kindly volunteered to to do this again for EMF 2016, the cost has not been decided yet and may be slightly more than last year to buy some better quality ingredients but if you're interested please mark the Food column with Yes so we can get an idea of how many to cater for.

Name Ticket Bought Transport Food Going On Returning On
Paul Meynell Yes Car Yes meaty - -
Mick Vaites Yes Car Yes meaty - -
Rob H Yes Car Yes Thu Mon
Leah Yes Car Yes Thu Mon
'RepRap' Matt Yes Train Yes Please Way early Way Late
Soph Yes Car Yes Thu Mon
Nick B Yes Car Yes Thu Mon
Joe Yes Will need a lift Yes - -
Kate Yes No Yes - -
Alex W Yes Car Yes - -
Kirsty L Yes As for Alex W Yes - -
James H Yes Car Yes Thu Mon
Ant G Yes Car Yes Thu Mon
Blake R Yes Car Yes Thu Mon
Michael E Yes with Vicki No Thu Mon
Mouse Yes Driving Yes Thu Mon
Toby Yes probably car Yes - -
David Hayward Yes I have a lift No Thu Sun/Mon
Ben White Yes Car Yes Fri Mon
Jake Yes Car No Wed Sun
Ian D Yes Car Yes Thu Mon
James Hodgson Yes Car Yes Please Fri Mon
David Hopkins Yes Passenger in James Hodgson's Car Yes Please - -
Martin Farraway Yes Passenger in James H Car Yes Please - -
Matt Little Yes No Yes Please. Veggie please. - -
Dominic Morrow Yes UNKNOWN Yes Please. Bloody Meat. - -
Gill "Ddiasco" Z Yes UNKNOWN Yes Please. Wild Animals. - -
Daniel Yes Car Yes Please Thu Mon
Froggy Yes None, need a lift Yes. Soylent green preferred Fri Mon
James F Yes Passenger in Ian D car Yes please Thu Mon
Michelle S Yes Passenger in Ian D car Yes please Thu Mon
Andrew Armstrong Yes Car Yes - -
Sapphira Yes Car Yes - -
Vicki Yes Car Yes please. - -
Spencer Yes Car Yes meaty please. - -
Iain Sharp Yes Camper Yes plese - -
Joshua Kelly Yes Car Yes Thu Mon
Lianne Bartlett-Lowrey Yes Car Yes TBC TBC
Dan Martin Yes TBC Yes Thu/Fri Mon
Charlotte C Yes Car No Thu Sun
James B Yes TBC Yes - of the meaty variety Fri Sun
Rob Miles Yes Train too late? But veggie if not Thu night or Fri morn Mon
Florian Yes looking for a lift Yes if not too late - -
Pierre Yes looking for a lift Yes if not too late - -
Jason Yes looking for a lift too late for that Fri Eve N/A


This is a list of vehicles traveling to EMF 2016, please update as necessary including any room you have for passengers and stuff.

Vehicle Driver Going On Returning On Passenger Spaces Room for Stuff? Passengers
Car Rob H THUR MON 1-2 Yes
Car Leah THUR MON 1-2 Yes
Car Soph THUR MON 0(food) Nick
Car James H THU MON Barbot, Firepit Martin Farraway
Car Mouse THU MON TBA No No room, sorry
Car Ben
Car Jake WEDS(Or earlier) SUN 0(taking orga stuff) A little Hannah
Car Ian D THU MON Taken No James & Michelle
Car James Hodgson FRI MON David Hopkins
Car Alex W THUR MON up to 3 possibly TBA
Car Andrew Armstrong THUR MON 3 more Yes depending on people Andrew
Car Vicki Thurs Mon Taken Nope Vicki & Michael E
Camper Toby Thurs Mon 1 Small amount of baggage room, but mostly full of Mystery Machine Toby and David Hayward


This is a rough list of (shared) stuff we'll be taking to EMF and will need to find space for in vehicles. There may be space for camping equipment for anyone not traveling by car.

Item Organising Transporting
7x bags of firewood for firepit (the size of an ALDI bag for life) Rob H Car - Rob H
5x bags of charcoal Rob H
Bar bot Car - James H
Booze (for barbot) Rob H
Light fittings Rob H Car - Daniel (2x small-ish LED lights)
Gas BBQ & Propane Cylinder Rob H Car - Rob H
Charcoal BBQ
Food Soph Soph (locally once on site)
Fire pong Mouse
Mystery machine Toby Toby
iZettle & Kindle Fire Rob H Car - Rob H
Small Fridge Rob H Car - Rob H
Fridge Rob H
Extension leads Rob H Car - Rob H, Daniel (1x extension reel, bag of 6-ways)
Events box
Fire pit James H
Rolling Water Barrell James H
Cooking stuff (pots, pans, sharp knives, chopping boards) Soph Soph
Banquet roll (paper table cloth) Rob H
Eating stuff (plates)
Bluetooth speaker Car - Daniel
Network switch+cable Car - Daniel

What to Bring

Here are some idea on what to bring with you.

Item Reason
Decent quality long extension lead If you want power to your tent
4-way extension lead or similar Plugs will be limited, bring to ensure you have enough for your devices
Teacup Having your own teacup you can re-use will help us out
Medication Bring your own pain killers/hangover cures, we do not supply this! First aiders will be on site.
Camping Chairs Chairs have been ordered for village use, bring your own to guarantee a place to sit and for your own tent.
Long Ethernet cable If you want ethernet in your tent
Micro USB cables The EMF badge charges via a micro USB cable and you'll probably want a spare for your phone/kindle/tablet etc.
Torch It gets dark at night
Rubber Mallet To help put up your own tent and others
Drinks There is a bar but you might want to bring spirits or other drinks for yourself.
Snacks To keep your going between meals
Toiletries Stuff to wash with, towels, toothbrush etc.
Raincoat and Wellies It will probably rain at some point and it's in a field
Sun Cream There might be sun at some point and you'll be outdoors
Bug Spray It's near water and some people have tasty blood
Jumpers, Jacket and Hoodies It will be cold at night and you'll be outdoors


  • Lots of conversation on Slack

For the village this year we are hiring marquees via EMF

  • 6x3 m for projects, Barbot, mobile snackspace etc (open to the public and likely facing onto a trackway)
  • 6x3 m for food (member only)
  • 8 tables
  • 20 chairs

We we also be hosting the usual fire pit circle


Nottinghack Projects

If you're planning to do a project to take to EMF 2016 and might want to collaborate with others or group together for transport etc, please consider adding a page to this section.

  • BarBot - Mouse is looking for volunteers to run BarBot. It's a lot of work, but a lot of fun too. We need at least three people during the event and one coordinator/planner pre- and during the event. Unpaid, but maybe you get a T-shirt. Contact Mouse if you'd like to be involved.
  • Pedal Powered Bad Movie Night, if Doc little is interested in setting it up!
  • Giant knitting, as per The Manly Art of Knitting


  • Fire installations (propane puffers and such) are welcome, although all fire stuff must be raised off the ground to avoid turf damage.
  • Vehicles (art cars and such) are still be be decided by EMF org. Maybe in a separated are away from general camping.

Transport (obsolete section removed - using cars!)

Link to interesting things

Misc other ideas

  • Everyone wearing giant heads with J face.

Thoughts and Ideas for EMF2018

Please put any ideas and thoughts for 2018 here! We'll move them to the new page whenever it gets created.


  • Bring more bottle openers
  • If we keep doing big stuff like snackspace and barbot, may as well just hire a 6x6 tent to have both inside, away from our village kit.
    • Also extra room for storage too.


  • Expanded range; crisps, energy bars, non-fizzy drinks, fruit
  • Overall worked really well
  • Better signage
  • Ensure whatever card payment method we use has its own dedicated gps (to avoid thinking we're in Holland because of the wifi)
    • Cheap/unused android phone as a dedicated device? Frees up the Fire even more then.
  • 2x boxes of cola bottles sold out fast - recommend 3 at least
  • Dedicated fridge for drinks was v successful
  • Hand sanitizer - lots


Please feel free to log any software improvements/fixes that might help as issues on github - I'll try and get round to them before EMF2018 - Daniel (talk) 14:09, 10 August 2016 (UTC)

  • People fucking love some robo-cocktails
  • Better signage - pre-print and laminate some signs with instructions / address at the hackspace
  • HS2.5 Badge rewards for donating worked really well
  • Make sure Kindle Fire is charged!
  • Grenadine gets everywhere
  • Background music on final day worked well
  • Enough lighting to avoid having to use fluorescent lights (fairy lights were good)
    • Cheap RGB strips? Could even wire them up to respond to music
  • Grenadine syringe refill is tedious - "there has to be a better way!" - need to look into this
  • better dasher refill technique needed - there's a hole in the top of each bottle so let's use it!
  • umbrella in every drink - it's the final flourish and the disappointment of the users was evident - could require a wider hi-ball glass or more adjustable brolly dropper
  • cherry conveyor was rarely working - way sticky - needs a teardown and clean and the cherries need rinsing before adding
    • Also something to make the belt a bit grippier - little cocktail stick sections glued on the outside?
  • also the ability to load more cherries (and other consumables) from behind barbot would have a better effect
  • our working layout was spoiling the automation wonder effect - having a human slave carry a glass to the far end of the track - being able to add a glass from the other end and preferably from behind barbot would be better.
    • For 2014 we had the optics end against one tent wall and the 'loading' end free - this is probably the optimal layout for now (unless we change how stuff is loaded)
    • Can umbrella dispenser be hinged? Can be flipped up to load from behind and dropped for dispensing then
  • losing track of the hi-ball glass riser kinda sucked with the flow of operating
    • we discovered both kinds of glass could hold the same amount - maybe just rock it with cocktail glasses?
  • more human slaves required - this is a good money spinner and worth more members available to serve is better
  • one of the mixer taps needs repair and some of the MDF is starting to swell from moisture!
  • some sort of status screen might be good?
    • Taking the number screen again would be great
  • have field on web interface to give a name when ordering - would be so much easier to locate who had what number! - Already implemented and tested on the the last day of EMF 2016