2012-06-06 AGM Minutes

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Roll Call

Board Members


This AGM was quorate

Full Minutes

Time Name Minute
20:05:50 Nachimir Nottingham A.G.M. about to start.
20:05:57 Nachimir 18 members present, making us quorate.
20:07:49 Nachimir Roll call: James H, Matt Lloyd, David H, Kate B, James, F, John Woodcock, Spencer, Gill Z, Micheal P, Matt Little, Jake Howe, Max M, Jimena, David C, Craig P, Jezz A. Skype: Dominic Morrow. Proxy for John Crouchley: Spencer Owen.
20:08:22 Nachimir Item: Constitution
20:08:45 Nachimir Nottinghack constitution has been online for a while, we need to ratify to run elections.
20:08:54 Nachimir Everyone has seen: Yes.
20:09:24 Nachimir David H: People should be allowed to abstain if they want. James H: That's been added.
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20:10:38 Nachimir Spencer: Should people have to use all of their votes? For instance: someone votes by email , but for just one person when four board positions are open?
20:10:44 Nachimir Max: I think it should count.
20:11:02 Nachimir James: I think there's a risk of not filling all board positions.
20:11:25 Nachimir Matt Little: Yes, include it.
20:11:53 Nachimir Unanimous show of hands: votes for less than four (in this instance) places should count.
20:12:49 Nachimir James: Should I read it? Jake: Read and discuss each section.
20:13:57 Nachimir James H reads: Interpretation, no dissent.
20:15:23 Nachimir James H reads section 1, trustees. David C: 1.5, "additional member". Michael P: "Is that with the consent of the member?" *laughter*.
20:15:52 Nachimir (Link to draft constitution: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pC3BI0129rS7owoW3jdlsfJ4ECiDC2JksYF1jo1RuaI/edit#heading=h.lcxu0wvmjkck )
20:19:17 Nachimir James reads section 2: AGMs. Spencer: What happens if there's a tie in the voting?
20:20:49 Nachimir (Various) reach suggestion of a rerun election between tied parties. Go back to whole membership with proxy vote.
20:22:12 Nachimir 2.5.10 added to constitution, 7 day window for proxy voting in event of ties.
20:22:26 Nachimir James H reads section 3.
20:23:34 Nachimir 3.2 added.
20:25:03 Nachimir James H reads section 4: terminations.
20:26:22 Nachimir David C suggests there should be a clause in 3 that the board should have private meetings about matters relating to termination.
20:27:31 Nachimir A few people say "That's a bad idea".
20:27:57 Nachimir David H: Complex: there are situations where people need privacy, but anything the board does also has to be accountable.
20:28:06 Nachimir Dominic: That meeting should be board only.
20:28:24 Nachimir James: I'm not comfortable having something in the constitution that says we can have secret meetings.
20:31:10 Nachimir James F: Can we just go back to the bit about non-payment? Surely it should include some effort on the part of the board to contact people?
20:31:41 Nachimir Dominic: What we're addressing here is someone who just stops paying and doesn't reply to reminders.
20:35:02 Nachimir Wording of 4 changed according to group: non-payment terms less absolute, don't relate only to membership fees.
20:35:31 Nachimir Craig P: What about the loss of a board member? James, Matt Ll: It goes to an EGM accrding to the articles.
20:35:43 Nachimir James moves that we ratify constitution.
20:35:49 Nachimir No one requests secret vote.
20:35:58 Nachimir Carried unanimously.
20:36:16 LWK_mac http://wiki.nottinghack.org.uk/wiki/AGM_Financials_June_2011_to_May_2012
20:36:20 Nachimir Item: Finances to year end.
20:36:35 Nachimir LWK_mac / Matt Lloyd links above
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20:37:13 * Nachimir discovers that he can make LWK_Mac 's macbook ding at will )
20:38:10 Nachimir Average membership dues over the year were 14.24, now 13.86.
20:38:38 Nachimir Electricity for the year was £1530.
20:39:31 Nachimir IOnternet: £549 including line moving.
20:40:25 Nachimir (Rest at link)
20:43:15 Nachimir James: Came back from DMMF with £330. Minus £25 for PAT testing, and £26 to Ben Gray for a few of his kits we sold. Matt Little given £90 for badge bits, have a load of bits left but sold all badges.
20:43:42 LWK_mac Income over the Year
20:43:42 LWK_mac Membership due's: £10,583.12
20:44:49 Nachimir Item: Election
20:45:14 Nachimir Has anyone not voted? *some people put hands up*
20:45:37 Nachimir James: Everybody vote!
20:46:25 Nachimir Question from Matt Little on the election: No time for people putting themselves forward to promote themselves. In future, are we having a session where people introduce themselves?
20:47:28 Nachimir David: If we're doing it, I think we should minimise it, as in, an image and a paragraph of text. I'd hate it if it became a bunch of long campaigns and electioneering.
20:47:39 Nachimir Dominic: I think people should also be able to opt out.
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20:48:13 Nachimir James: Open up a thread on the mailing list, but it can all be optional.
20:48:50 Nachimir Matt Little: Announcement email should be separate to the email group. James: Yes, announcement always goes through the members only list or mailshot.
20:49:35 Nachimir (Everyone goes to vote).
20:53:51 Nachimir LWK_Mac
20:53:54 Nachimir LWK_Mac
20:53:55 Nachimir LWK_Mac
20:53:57 LWK_mac Nachimir
20:56:11 Nachimir David H proposes that people be allowed to pay by cash if they want to.
20:56:47 Nachimir Especially now we're banking cash from the space.
20:57:19 Nachimir Matt and Max: Sure they get six weeks rather than their membership being terminated?
20:57:29 Nachimir Dominic: I think it should be discouraged.
20:58:52 Nachimir James: It's no more secure for us to have it from the bank or in cash. We can't trace people through the bank.
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21:03:54 Nachimir (Long discussion) David: A few related problems here, mainly that people are excited and we send them away for a week before they can be members.
21:04:10 Nachimir A lot of entropy in our current system because so much of it is manual.
21:04:17 Nachimir Dominic: Should be simple.
21:04:31 Nachimir Matt: No one is getting paid to administer this, and we have to keep ourselves sane.
21:05:58 Nachimir (Late entrant) John: Process would be better for people if they knew what delay was coming.
21:06:16 Nachimir Not knowing is the thing that makes it awkward.
21:06:57 Nachimir Dominic: Issue is that more board members need to be able to see the bank account.
21:07:48 Nachimir Improve the process we have.
21:08:00 Nachimir No objections.
21:08:46 Nachimir James: Want to give people specific references. We'd need to go back through the membership and make them change their standing order.
21:09:23 Nachimir Dominic: If people have to cancel their standing orders, that's full of danger.
21:09:35 Nachimir James: Reason is so we can automate stuff.
21:09:43 Nachimir Dominic: We'd lose 20 members immediately.
21:09:55 Nachimir Michael Proctor: Let's just do it for new members.
21:10:08 Nachimir Matt Little: How diverse are the existing references?
21:10:24 Nachimir Michael P: We can probably come up with rules to look after the existing ones?
21:10:51 Nachimir Max: What about last four digits of the bank account? Michael: We don't see that, which is annoying. sometimes I have to refund but don't have bank details.
21:10:59 Nachimir James: Any more AOB?
21:11:38 Nachimir Matt Little: One little thing. Emails relating to workshops. A few people are not on the google group to reduce noise. Could we put people on a mailing list?
21:11:57 Nachimir James: We can send them information, but we can't send them advertising.
21:12:13 Nachimir Kate: We could set up a nottinghack public announcements list.
21:12:23 Nachimir Item: Over to spencer for election results.
21:13:28 Nachimir Spencer: 51 for Dominic Morrow, everyone with exception of Dominic. 42 votes for Kate. David C with 41 votes. Tie for fourth place: 33 votes each, Michael Erskine and Jake.
21:13:59 Nachimir Spencer: Happy for someone to recount votes if they want to.
21:14:37 Nachimir Dominic: Huge thank you to Michael Proctor and Matt Little, who are stepping down. Both been with us since the start, and have done a tremendous amount of work. *applause*.
21:16:25 Nachimir James: We should hold election immediately by email. Spencer has list of emails.
21:16:35 Nachimir David: Need to be updated with a few more as of tonight.
21:17:41 Nachimir AOB from Kate: Green Festival this Sunday, who wants to help?
21:17:49 Nachimir (Some people volunteer).