2014-05-22 AGM Agenda/Election

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The election will take place electronically using OpaVote, and you will receive an individual voting email to your registered email address after the AGM.

There are three open trustee slots, and the following members have put themselves forward to be trustees.

Photo Nominee
Elections2014 JF.jpg

James Fowkes

As a member of the Hackspace, I have tried to contribute by running workshops and assisting with infrastructure tasks. My interests as a trustee would be to encourage members to feel that they run the Hackspace and are able to participate as I have done. I believe that members running the Hackspace for themselves is a vital part of creating a feeling of community. Over the last year I have been very pleased to see the creation of member teams for resources/tools etc, and I would encourage further development of this.

Andrew Armstrong

I intend to run this year for a trustee position. I would be willing to put time into the space from the top organisational end and would offer to help run meetings. Running the new laser project, helping with the resources team and attending many of the meetings has given me an overview of how things are going. I'd like to further see people who know everything about something to have a point of contact for starting to decide if that something is to be pledge-driven, partially funded or brought outright by Nottinghack; and document them more fully on the wiki, newsletter and physically in the space when this happens, or just to help new members who don't know what to do with things they want to get done, rather then the current mess of some people going on the mailing list, some going through meetings, some getting discussed in person only, and some going through "high up" individual members independently of anything else.

David Clarke

I am standing for re-election to the Hackspace of trustees, having completed my first two-year term on the board.

The next year will see a period of consolidation as the current space becomes filled to capacity, and we have to start looking towards Hackspace 3.0. I believe that I can contribute to this process with my experience of previous business establishments and moves, as well as continuing to contribute an alternative voice in discussion and decision making within the 'space.

I will continue, as before, to contribute to the housekeeping and services management of the space, and act as a facilitator to other hackers' projects.

I look forward to your support at the forthcoming elections.

Elections2014 SW.jpg

Sophie Rachel Wilkinson

I believe I'd make an excellent addition to the Board of Trustees for a variety of reasons. Despite being a new member, I'm very active in the space, having launched a new gaming afternoon, still in its infancy, and spearheaded the movement to renovate the craft room and replace the sewing machines alongside another member. I'm around every Wednesday and usually one other night a week, and live just 20 minutes away in Bingham.

I think being relatively new, I'm well aware of what the Hackspace can seem like to someone new through the door, and what improvements we can make to the experience for new people, as well as new ways to bring them through the doors. I'm keen to work on some of the more lacklustre areas of the space, like crafts and art, and see being able to bring this perspective to the board as a great benefit. I'm also keen to, once the craft area is up to standard, work on bringing in more cookery elements and revamping the kitchen.

Experience wise, I'm on the Board of Directors for a community website that holds nearly 400,000 user accounts, managing the Support service and team, which ranges from Suggestions, to Complaints about users, the service and more serious issues such as harassment and abuse. Again, I feel this experience puts me in good stead to serve on the Board at Hackspace. I thrive when given responsibility and think I'd make an excellent addition to the team.

Thank you

Elections2014 PM.png

Patrick (Pat) McDonald

My name is Patrick (Pat) McDonald, I've been a member of Nottingham Hackspace for at least 18 months now. I can't exactly remember which December I joined. I've been an odd extra pair hands helping with some infrastructure jobs, for instance, heping Matt Lloyd get the UPS up on to the high shelf, donation sorting. Although I haven't been to many members meetings, I feel I have contributed to some of them in a positive way, by exploring suggestions, identifying some snags, and thinking up ways around them. I'd like to help more with that, but also that I can help expand the Hackspace's infrastructure. There are have been many planned infrastructure upgrades, and making more happen and finishing infrastructure projects is what I aim to do whether a trustee or not, respecting input and using workable suggestions as well as my own concepts. To that end I'm currently working on a **reliable** plastic 3D printer dedicated to members use.

Michael Erskine

would like to be a trustee - my real name is Michael Erskine and I look like this...

I like meetings and paperwork.

Love, Michael

Elections2014 DM.jpg

Dominic Joel Morrow

I've been involved with the Hackspace since the start in the old meet up group days before we had a space. Since those times I've been an advocate for growth and improvements in our space. I've also built up strong relationships with other Hackspaces and makerspaces around the UK though my work with the UK Hackspace Foundation and as a Maker Faire organiser.

I stand for growth and continual improvement of our facilities. I'd like to see a bigger more diverse membership at nottinghack; keeping the best aspects of our community whilst fixing some of the scaling issues that growth will bring. Finding good ways to keep Hackspace fun and friendly as we face the challenges of finding sustainable ways to achieve our ambitions.