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This page details where the light switches are in each part of the space. As of the 2021 rewire all off the lights are connected to the Lighting Automation system.


Comfy Area

Comfy Area Switch.jpeg

Studio and Drying Area

Studio Switch.jpeg 250px

Members Storage

Members Storage Switch.jpeg

Textiles Workshop

Craft Switch.jpeg

Kitchen and Toilets


Workshop, Dusty Area, Metalworking Area, Spray Booth, Laser Area and Bike Area

Workshop Close Switch.jpeg 250px 250px Spray Booth Switch.jpeg


The downstairs lights can be controlled via Hackspace's network by using the web interface at address http://queen:8181 or http://holly:9000.

CNC Corridor, CNC Area and Electronics Area

CNC Corridor Switch.jpeg CNCRoom Interface.jpg

Team Storage


Blue Room

BlueRoom Interface Context.jpg

Main Corridor

Main Corridor Switch.jpg

Metalworking Downstairs and Grinding Area



Classroom Switch.jpg

Members Storage Downstairs

DMS Switch Close.jpg