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There are usually some small jobs that need doing. You can help out by doing a job that is listed on the Trello.

Viewing and adding tasks

Tasks are listed on the Trello, they can come from or from any member's imitative. Feel free to add anything you want to this list. If the job involves changing an area, rather than maintenance discuss on Google Group or Slack first.


Trello is used for outstanding tasks, see Trello page.

Trello is a project management system, where you can create lists, add tasks to the lists, and then move tasks as they are completed. For those who have worked with Agile projects, it works in a similar way to a Kanban board. See ToDo for more information.

The Hackspace's Trello has lists for Teams and categories of tasks. Members can add and move cards as needed.

As an example of how Trello can work for a hackspace, see Noisebridge's To-Do List

To sign up for Trello:

  1. Go to Trello and create an account
  2. Go to the Invite Page and click "Join"
  3. Work with your team as needed

Remember - the more information on a task, the easier it is for people to help out with it!

Note: If the invite page is not working, please drop a message in your team's Slack channel.

The board (for interactive version go to Trello site):

Trello for 2.5

Their is also a Trello board for downstairs AKA Hackspace 2.5:

Hackspace 2.5 Trello

Perpetual tasks / Nice things to do for the Hackspace

Wiki maintenance

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