2012-04-04 Minutes

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Action Overview

Actions are now kept on the Action List

Roll Call

Board Members

This meeting was quorate


Actions Update

Action List has been brought up to date

Financial Update

On the wiki: Financials 2012 March


Mailing List

Michael raised that the mailing list seems to have a lot of "crazy" on each month. Would like this reviewed. General agreement that it would need to be treated carefully to avoid re-starting any arguments, but that we should try to review each month.

Hackspace Party

It was agreed to move the party to the end of 26th May as the organisers can't make the 5th May.

Front door

Security discussions agreed front door hasp needs changing. David Clarke has managed to find the panic bar for £15 instead of £60, Matt Lloyd would like to buy the associated code lock for £81.50 +VAT&Delivery. Agreed.


We need to attend more events. Kate to investigate appropriate ones and raise volunteers.

Full Minutes

Time Name Minute
20:04 Nachimir Nottinghack Board meeting about to start, 4/4/2012
20:04 msemtd_ present: NOT JAKE
20:04 Nachimir Roll call: 5 board members, Dominic remotely. Michael E, James H, David H, Matt Little, Matt Lloyd
20:04 Nachimir Kate B, Tom G, Andrew A, Hayley T, Gillian.
20:05 Nachimir 2. Actions Update
20:06 Nachimir Draft constitution: Not done (All before done).
20:07 Nachimir Troublesome member process discussion: Closed, most pertinent parts will be brought to next board meeting.
20:07 Nachimir Member audit and code change: Done, 1 week notice of code change out tonight.
20:08 Nachimir Welding mask and supplies: Bought, pledges not collected yet.
20:08 Nachimir No update on spray booth.
20:08 Nachimir Minutes not added to wiki yet
20:08 LWK_mac some still not added
20:08 Nachimir No idea on Risograph, or project area, as Pat and Marcus not present.
20:09 Nachimir 3. financial update
20:09 LWK_mac Start bank balance: £1,957.66
20:09 LWK_mac Out: £1,350.76
20:09 LWK_mac In: £1,380.91
20:09 LWK_mac End: £1,987.81
20:09 LWK_mac Paypal Start: £35.76
20:09 LWK_mac Paypal End: £35.76
20:09 LWK_mac Cash Start balance: £0.00
20:09 LWK_mac Cash In: £695.66
20:09 LWK_mac Cash Out: £473.99
20:09 LWK_mac Cash End: £221.67
20:09 LWK_mac [edit
20:09 LWK_mac Start: 77
20:09 LWK_mac New: 2
20:09 LWK_mac Ex: 2
20:09 LWK_mac End: 77
20:09 LWK_mac Average membership due: £14.06
20:09 LWK_mac [edit
20:09 LWK_mac [edit
20:09 LWK_mac BizSpace: £840.07
20:09 LWK_mac Talk talk: £28.74
20:09 LWK_mac Insurance: £65.39
20:09 LWK_mac Other: £276.37
20:09 LWK_mac [edit
20:09 LWK_mac Membership dues: £1005.35
20:09 LWK_mac Petty Cash Deposits: £215.06
20:09 LWK_mac Workshops: £143
20:09 LWK_mac Donations: £
20:09 LWK_mac Events: £
20:09 LWK_mac Pledges: £17.50
20:11 Nachimir First time we've taken more than £1000 in a month in membership fees.
20:12 Nachimir Matt Lloyd: We've also started tracking cash in and out of the space properly, including donation, workshop fees, etc.
20:12 Nachimir James: Recent trip to Makro not included (£130 of supplie for snackspace), because that was in the first few days of April.
20:14 Nachimir 4. AOB
20:14 Nachimir Michael E: It seems every month we have a load of crazy come up on the mailing list. We should have a review of everything that winds people up.
20:15 Nachimir James: Is that because you think the board meetings aren't long enough? <laughter>
20:15 Nachimir Michael: Discussions of security, CCTV, and a process by which we might have to ban bad 'uns have caused a lot of controversy. We should bring them to some sort of conclusion.
20:15 Nachimir James: Next board meeting should have a wash up for some of those.
20:16 Nachimir Dominic: The mailing list is kind of the place for that, because they can be protracted and have counterpoints, etc.
20:16 Nachimir Matt Little: Review of what's been discussed is not a bad thing.
20:16 Nachimir James: We have to be careful it doesn't kick off the arguments again.
20:16 snim2 joined the chat room.
20:17 Nachimir Matt Little: I think we've got down that we're going to have a party on May 5th, to mark one year in the space.
20:17 Nachimir Kate: We're postponing it a week.
20:17 Nachimir James: We can't, because the trip to Southwold is the week after.
20:18 Nachimir Kate: The people organising it will be away.
20:18 Nachimir Motion to move the open day and party, general agreement.
20:19 Nachimir Dominic: Why not have it just before Maker Faire?
20:20 Nachimir Kate and David: You'll be organising too much stuff.
20:20 Nachimir (Various): Have a week before Maker Faire, 26th of May. That way, split up organisational load and have another opportunity to promote DMMF.
20:22 Nachimir James: Any other any other business?
20:22 Nachimir (Discussion about Rubik's workshop in Derby between Dominic and Michael E).
20:25 Nachimir Matt Lloyd: From the security email discussion. One thing on it was the rubbish hasp on the door. Mentioned £168 for panic bar and code lock. David Clarke manage to find the panic bar for £15, instead of £60. Matt wants to go ahead on getting the codelock to go with it for £81.50p + VAT and delivery.
20:25 LWK_win joined the chat room.
20:25 Nachimir Matt Ll: Anything that uses a key will cost us the same in key cutting.
20:26 Nachimir No objections, motion passed.
20:26 Nachimir Kate: We could do with an event shelter. My work has them in stock, 12ft by 12ft, will be about £120.
20:26 Nachimir About a tenner per side for extra ones.
20:27 Nachimir Dominic: Not saying we shouldn't get it, but we have no events we'll need it for at the moment.
20:27 Nachimir Kate: Only mentioning it now because when we have them, they go quickly. It's also a professional one, so quite strong.
20:27 Nachimir Matt Little: I have a cheap one we can use. I don't think we should be buying one yet.
20:28 Nachimir Kate: will send round a link.
20:28 LWK_win_ left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
20:28 Nachimir James: The event Kate and Dominic ran brought in £208, so we should be aiming to do that every month if we can over summer.
20:28 Nachimir Dominic: Agree, but you have to have the events, which I don't see at the moment.
20:29 Nachimir Kate: I'll start researching Nottingham events that we can go to.
20:29 ChickenGrylls 18? or 80?
20:29 Nachimir 18
20:29 ChickenGrylls also who's doing the Rubik's cube
20:29 Nachimir Michael E.
20:30 Nachimir Matt: We need willing people to run events, and we need to make it easy for them.
20:30 Nachimir David H: Snienton market stall is £18 a day. If we wanted to build some support locally and had projects to show off, that would be very doable.
20:30 ChickenGrylls Derby Makers have been invited to the "Vintage" festival in Kettering
20:30 ChickenGrylls in July
20:30 Nachimir David to raise Snienton market on mailing list.
20:33 Nachimir Dominic: 1 item. Earlier, listed up the camping event in Southwold. Arranged with Tim Hunkin for 10 - 15 to go visit his workshop. £5 deposit on Eventbrite.
20:33 Nachimir Dominic holds James underpants up to webcam
20:34 ChickenGrylls shortest and oddest
20:34 Nachimir James: Any other any other any other business?
20:34 Nachimir No?
20:34 Nachimir Meeting adjourned.