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Created 03/11/2017‎

Members Various
Project Status In Progress
Type Hackspace Infrastructure
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This wiki has been in place since at least 2012, and many pages have not been updated in years. There are pages for tools we no longer have, outdated pages on tools we do have, and a lack of information on newer tools and on our teams and how the space works. The plan is to bring this wiki back up to date, and make it a resource that all ~600 of our members can count on.


Reorganisation of projects

Move projects to the User namespace (like I have with this). Projects should still be assigned to the Project category so they can be browsed as a list, but the User namespace clearly shows the Project owner. Most project pages here are either long out of date or only relevant to at most a handful of people, I'd like the Project: namespace to be used for larger infrastructure projects as opposed to personal ones (e.g. Project:Hackspace 2.5).

Add Template:Project infobox to projects.

Maybe have separate subcategories for projects that of large 'Projects (by team)' and ones that are more or less solo 'Projects (by member).


The wiki is fairly old and has a lot of pages that haven't been updated in years. I'll categorise as Category:CleanupDelete any page that I feel should be gone.

New pages

Page for each area

As part of a wider documentation project in the hackspace I'd like to create a page for each area of the space, and keep all relevant information on the wiki for members and guests to view.

Add area infobox with map showing location.

Tools and equipment

I'd like to move all information on Tools and Equipment to the Tools: Namespace, Events to the Events: namespace, Teams to the Teams: namespace and information about the hackspace to the About: namespace.

Add tool infobox.

Wiki documentation

List all the namespaces and their functions Help: Category: etc. (partially done at Help:Quick reference#Namespaces)

Encourage use of edit comments.

Encourage wikilinking (orphan and unlinked templates?), for example Volunteering lists all the Teams, but doesn't link to their pages.

Naming conventions and categories

Have a naming convention for categories template etc. - for example, only capitalise first letter unless proper noun. Start with category type word first, for example, 'Category:Templates emoji' rather than 'Emoji templates'.

Move articles that have been placed at the top of a category pages, for example Category:Rules and previously Category:Network. Move them back to article space.

Category:Featured - another category that starts with an article, move to Featured

Adding dates

A lot of the information on the wiki is lacking dates. This can be helped by adding date= parameter to any relevant template. Also categories like Category:Project started in 2012, Category:Tools and Equipment acquired in 2013 etc. could help.


Make infoboxes' top text white on dark green (like boxes on front page). For example, Template:Team.

Front page

Convert 'list boxes' into template.

Tidy alignment.

Highlight featured pages.

Rule pages

Rules are no longer updated on wiki (since 2016), make template for rule pages saying historical and pointing to

Encouraging wiki editors

Welcome template.

Meetup for editors.

Update MediaWiki software/settings to allow thanking for contributions. Enable WYSIWYG editing?


Photos needed of areas and tool, can tag pages with Template:Photo. Also, many photos are on the flickr, unfortunately a lot don't have descriptive titles.

Categorise all uncategorised pages

Categorise all uncategorised pages. Especially useful for template pages, as it avoids making a template that already exists. We could make a tag for uncategorised pages. See Special:SpecialPages:

  • Add category to Widget: pages

(should user pages be categorised?)

Remove unused categories if no longer useful.

To write list

  1. Write About:History Page (Category:Featured - our story pages may help)
  2. Write About:The Space Page

List of tasks

Make list of tasks, maybe with priority rating, maybe with effort rating.