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Laser Area
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Intended Use Workshop area devoted to the Laser Cutter
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Floor Upstairs
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The Laser Area is where the Laser cutters are located along with associated equipment and storage. It is accessed via the Workshop, via the Studio double doors.

Tools and equipment

The laser cutters require induction and booking. The space has two that use the same software to operate; the larger Silvertail A0 Laser cutter and smaller Greyfin A2 Laser Cutter. The K-9 computer can be used for uploading designs.

In 2022 the Superbox CNC Router and CNC Lathe were relocated to this area.


The only tool within this area where personal protective equipment is advised is the Superbox CNC Router. When operating this tool, please be aware of those working around you and encourage safe working practices. I.e. Remove tripping hazards from the gangways around the machine.

Cleaning and maintenance

Always leave the area as you would like to find it. Build time into your schedule for cleaning up:

  • Empty the bin if it's full. The Bizspace bins are located in Roden Street. There's no competition to see how high you can pile the rubbish! Replacement bin liners can be found in the Toilets, on the shelf between the cubicles and the window.
  • Carefully consider whether an off-cut is really useful to another member. Please don't use the scrap trays as an extension of the bin. Don't leave any work or scrap in the machine. Useful scrap is stored on the rack next to the machine. Waste scrap should be put in the bin. When the bin is full remove and tie bag, Roden House dump in skips, see Waste and Recycling Initiative.
  • Tidy up after yourself! Please clean up a bit more mess than you made! If you drop something on the floor, please pick it up. Dirty cups should go in the dish washer, drinks cans and pizza boxes in the bin and put tools back were they belong.
  • Please pick up all off-cuts / loose parts from the bed, so it's ready for the next user.
  • Consider volunteering to help a hackspace team and contributing to the running of the hackspace.


Late 2019, the laser area was extend into the old Electronics Area that ran along the wall between the Studio door and Screen Printing Area partition wall. This is also when the second A2 laser cutter was installed.

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