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Would you like to do something for the hackspace! Remember the space is what its members make it.

This page lists the different ways to volunteer at Nottingham Hackspace, including small tasks, events, teams and large scale projects.

Nottingham Hackspace only exists because members volunteer time to make the space usable and create improvements. Members aren't paid for the things they do, including the trustees. Members put in a huge amount of time every month to ensure the smooth running the Hackspace.

The things listed below represent a number of different ways to volunteer, some of which will probably suit you better than others:

  • Teams: Self-organising groups of hackspace members who look after specific areas, and have monthly budgets to spend on them.
  • Events: Drop-in events organised around specific collective tasks.
  • Chores: Small, non-disruptive things that repeat and you can do by yourself.
  • ToDo: Outstanding tasks listed on the Trello.

Open Night

Happens every Wednesday from 18:30, and we always need members to welcome visitors, talk to them and give hackspace tours. Giving a tour is easy.

Hack the Space

A day/s of tidying, tweaking and revising the space to be more organised and work in better ways for everyone.

Check out our Hack the Space Days wiki page for details of the next and previous events.

Members' Meetings

On the first Wednesday of every month, members meet to discuss and vote on any issues arising for the space. Each meeting also needs someone to chair and someone to take minutes. If you'd like to bring a suggestion (like a equipment move or a purchase) to a meeting this guide is a good start for getting ideas together, and sharing before the meeting.

Public Events

From hackspace open days to mini maker faires, we sometimes have a hackspace presence at various events. Members are generally welcome (and needed!) to demonstrate projects and answer questions form the public.


There are many small chores you can do at the hackspace to help - mainly tidying and cleaning. See the Chores page for a list with some ideas.

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