2013-02-06 Minutes

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20:05 Nachimir Nottinghack members meeting about to start, 06/02/2013. Roll call: David H, Dominic M, James H, Matt Ll, David C, Jake H, Michelle S, James F, Russell H, Daniel, Gill Z, Michael E, Lionel, Ian D, Michael W.
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20:05 Nachimir Kate B joins.
20:05 Nachimir Item 1: Action update.
20:05 Nachimir 1. Pick up club mate: No. dominic: Going to manchester in future, but no schedule.
20:06 Nachimir 2. Organise Festivus party. (Huh. Done).
20:06 Nachimir 3. Cleaning quote: Not asked Joyce yet. Dominic: Does David C fancy asking?
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20:07 Nachimir 4. Buy event shelter in February. Dominic: Can borrow mine at any point. We should probably wait until May. Kate: If the weather is good, we might sell out.
20:08 Nachimir Kate: They're heavy, need a driver to take to events too.
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20:08 Nachimir 5. Liase with other hackspaces re: maker faire. Dominic: Ongoing. Kate: Nottinghack application has been accepted. Asked to be near UK makerspaces, but no details on that yet.
20:10 Nachimir 6. Cost new shelves for members room: Matt Lloyd - prices added to wiki. Need to look at trade prices from Travis Perkins. David C: £68.52 from TRavis Perkins, 18mm ply.
20:11 Nachimir Delivery £18, but rep said free delivery.
20:12 Nachimir 7. Hackspace video: David and Jake to list members with projects needed for cutaways.
20:13 Nachimir Dominic: We're going to be on BBC Click on the 16th Feb, in LeftLion next month. Would be good to get it done before either.
20:15 Nachimir 8. Draft Expenses policy posted to list: Not done due to conflict on list. On wiki though.
20:15 Nachimir 9. Talk to Wendy about lathe expenses for wood lathe: Done.
20:15 Nachimir 10. Pay David Clarke's expenses for wood lathe: Done.
20:15 Nachimir 11. Email list regarding historic wood lathe pledges. Done.
20:16 Nachimir 12. Pillar drill: Done.
20:16 Nachimir 13. Quotes for stickers: Kate, not done yet.
20:17 Nachimir 14: Masks and PPE: Mouse away, not done yet. No filters for spray mask yet.
20:17 Nachimir 15. Guidance for new members: Kate and David: Drafted, needs more work.
20:18 Nachimir 16. Acquire parts draws and stock of fixings, David C: Parts drawers acquired and up, first batch of fixings ordered today. Another order next week.
20:19 Nachimir would like to include in that: A couple of thousand suitably sized labels. Still money for that left in budget.
20:19 Nachimir 17. Buy large gas cannister for welding: Russell. Not done yet.
20:19 Nachimir 18. Documentations for young hackers, James H. Written, but not posted yet.
20:19 Nachimir 19. Research lone worker alarm device, Dominic: Not done.
20:20 Nachimir 20. Monthly snackspace run: James and Dominic: Done.
20:20 Nachimir 21. Re-run numbers on hackspace loan.
20:20 Nachimir (Matt Lloyd - not done yet)
20:21 Nachimir 22. Make offer on CNC machine: David H: Done, budget agreed at board meeting was too low for Ash.
20:21 Nachimir 23. Obtain quote for servicing knitting machines: Dominic. Not done. Kate: We have people interested in looking at them and giving demos.
20:22 Nachimir 24. Produce Do not hack guidance. Dominic: Written, but not posted yet because of mailing list troubles.
20:23 Nachimir Actions done for now.
20:23 Nachimir Item 3: Financial update.
20:23 Nachimir Matt: Not today.
20:23 Nachimir Jake: No, you misunderstand. We've got to the point in the agenda where…
20:23 Nachimir Matt: Um, we spent some money, we got new members…
20:24 Nachimir Jake: Oh, this is the big overview is it?
20:24 Nachimir Some laughter.
20:24 Nachimir Matt: Sorry, can't right now because the spreadsheet take a lot of work to update. Dominic: Well we shouldn't agree any expenditure at this meeting then.
20:24 Nachimir Item 4: Wall of faces. Kate: Have been pricing up cork tiles.
20:25 Nachimir Jake: Well unfortunately this is expenditure we could do with agreeing tonight. About £70 for shelves and £30 for cork.
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20:25 Nachimir Kate: Matt just found a stack of cork tiles for £9.
20:26 Nachimir When we mentioned this on the list, someone said they'd make a frame for it. We could just do that, and glue it, nail it, whatever you do to stick the cork on that wall.
20:27 Nachimir Dominic: I think David Clarke is going to explode.
20:27 Nachimir (some discussion about sticking them on a board rather than directly to the wall).
20:27 Nachimir Agreed for Matt to buy one pack of floor tiles for £9.
20:28 Nachimir Jake: What about the shelves?
20:28 Nachimir David H: Member count is 144 at present. We can probably afford those shelves.
20:29 Nachimir Dominic: There are a bunch of ex-members boxes in there. Do we need to do it now?
20:29 Nachimir James: We have to wait a few months though, because we can't just throw people's shit away immediately.
20:30 Nachimir James: Do we need to do it this month? When will the mill be done? That accounts for availability of the shelf builder…
20:30 Nachimir Dominic: Probably don't need to do anything on this before the 1st of March.
20:30 Nachimir No objections.
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20:31 Nachimir Michael E: Still on wall of faces. We're not actually getting the thing done. We should just be putting pictures up regardless of cork. I'd like people to add more to the wiki page so we can stick them up.
20:32 Nachimir Jake: If people don't have pictures of themselves they like, I can take nice portraits.
20:32 NondoX sorry im late hotel wifi is pants.
20:32 NondoX is there a camera available at teh hackspace to take `wall of faces` pics with?
20:32 Nachimir (I'll email the minutes out later Tom)
20:32 NondoX ok
20:33 Nachimir Action: Adam F: Prit loads of images off flickr to go on the wall of faces.
20:33 Nachimir *print
20:33 Nachimir Item 5. Superfast broadband. Daniel: That's it really do we want superfast broadband? Everyone: Yes. Wait. How much extra?
20:34 Nachimir Daniel: £20 extra per month, 24 month contract.
20:34 Nachimir Dominic: There will still be a hackspace in 24 months. We should have the best broadband we can get.
20:35 Nachimir James: We don't need to be in a contract like that to get fast broadband. Need to look into costs like switching, moving, etc.
20:36 Nachimir James: My worry is whether we could move with the contract. Whose name is it in? Dominic: Nottingham Hackspace ltd.
20:36 Nachimir James: Let's do it then.
20:36 Nachimir Russell: Friend of mine has two dark fibres that ring the country, looking for a business to use it in Nottingham. 24 month commitment might preclude us from that.
20:37 Nachimir Dominic: Price it up as an option.
20:37 Nachimir Jake: Is this something that can wait a month? People: Yes, requires more research.
20:37 Nachimir Action: Daniel to do more research and present at the next meeting.
20:38 Nachimir James: Wifi is getting quite overloaded on the open hack nights now. 250 IP addresses, the number of devices people are bringing is actually close to using it up. Need to fix it.
20:39 Nachimir David: Wifi in workshop completely broken too.
20:39 Nachimir Item 6: A.O.B.
20:39 Nachimir Adam F: Gemucon coming up in Nottingham, have a lot of cosplayers. They could do with a workshop with glue guns etc. to stick bits of costumes together. Sent them email.
20:40 Nachimir Would be a good opportunity to promote the hackspace. Dominic: Possibly have a fringe event at the hackspace.
20:40 Nachimir Kate: Can sort a fix-it-kit.
20:41 Nachimir AOB from Dominic: propose we have a hack the website day. Well, not hack it, you know what I mean.
20:41 Nachimir Upcoming media focus, there's a bunch of information that's out of date. We should clean it up before we're getting all of that promotion.
20:42 Nachimir Suggest we come in on a weekend day, get a load of pizzas, all sort it out.
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20:44 Nachimir Dominic calls for people to step up. *tumbleweed*
20:44 Nachimir Matt Little: There's an arduino workshop being run by people other than the main core of active members.
20:44 Nachimir Dominic: Keen for more people to get involved in doing stuff.
20:46 Nachimir Kate suggests 13th, 14th, or 15th. James: 14th is open hack.
20:47 Nachimir Michael: It's as quick to make the fix as it is to write it down for someone else to do. Kate: Not the case for all pages.
20:47 Nachimir James: Michael, that doesn't empower other people to feel like they can do stuff.
20:48 Nachimir Dominic: We've got this media stuff coming up, the website needs fixing.
20:48 Nachimir Michael W: Getting together would allow us to do some look and feel work. Website doesn't work really well on low end devices, might be able to work on that.
20:49 Nachimir (Some people could do the 15th).
20:50 Nachimir General agreement: Friday the 15th. Mchael E: We have a website page on the wiki, and a to do list. Can see problems already, but don't have access to fix necessarily.
20:51 Nachimir So I'll update the to do list. Dominic: Kate has been updating for the past few months, and without that, we'd have nothing new up there.
20:52 Nachimir End of A.O.B. Meeting closed.