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Hack-the-space Day is the regular opportunity for Hackspace members to improve and maintain the infrastructure of the space. There is no rule preventing doing this at any other time, but days like this have been enjoyable social occasions as well as useful.

Normally the first Sunday of each month from about 11a.m.

December 2014 - As power is unavailable due to annual testing of the site mains, this month's Hack-the-Space is put back to the 14th, and is an opportunity to get the 'space ready for Festivus the following weekend.

This page needs updating from this point onwards.

Current Hack-the-space Day - 3rd November 2013

  • Re-fit and renovate heatshrink 'double glazing' on some windows.
  • Fix 2 draughty windows in workshop area
  • New 'Donations / Scrap' area shelving.
  • Cull excess 'donations' and rubbish timber including pallets (anyone with a wood-burning stove?)

Past Hack-the-space Days

# September 2013 - Fit ventilation duct for laser cutter, Re-glaze window behind
laser cutter, Toolboard for power tools (sanders, jigsaws, etc.), Pegboard for tools in Dusty Area.

Not all done on the Hack-the-space day itself, but now mostly complete

# August 2013 - Major clearout of the woodpile. Sweep / Mop studio, Kitchen, bathroom, etc.
# July 2013 - Toolboard clean / paint.

Regular tasks.

Hack-the-space Day is not simply about cleaning and clearing the space.
But there are such tasks that need to be carried out, mostly done invisibly, but everyone can contribute.
Regular cleaning and clearing tasks are.
* Empty rubbish bins, replace liners, bags of rubbish to the basement.
* Sweep floor (Studio, Comfy area especially). Mop floor.
* Replace kitchen rolls, blue rolls, toilet rolls as necessary. Replace hand towels.
* Launder bag of handtowels when the last set is placed into use.

Ongoing Hack-the-space Projects

Boarding over the floor in the metalworking area. ONGOING

The object being to make the floor impervious to welding and grinding sparks so that these can be carried out without risk to the antique flooring (and whatever might be underneath) of Roden House.

Creating a 'Dusty Area'. ONGOING 

So that the after-effects of sawing, routing, turning and (especially) sanding wood don't affect other areas of the workshop. We are building a partitioned off area including a transparent curtain wall for convenience where these operations can be carried out. A follow-on project to build centralised dust extraction will follow. Large dust extractor obtained - awaiting 3phase power and some rebuilding work.

Installing 3phase power. Now mostly complete (sujmmer 2014)

To run the Bridgeport Mill, Donkey Saw, CNC Drill and other 'professional' workshop tools, including TIG welder.

Hackspace Info Kiosk. IN PLANNING

A permanently running (super-eco powered) PC and wall-mounted screen, scrolling through a list of current projects, events and tasks to fullfil. With permanently logged-in access to the wiki and website, to enable messaging to the consumables group, entering prospective member details to HMS, etc.

Comfy area library. ONGOING

Two Ikea 'Billy' bookcases are already in place, dividing the Comfy Area from the Studio. Two more have arrived, and are awaiting assembly to complete a wall of books in the Comfy Area and the Hackspace Library. Carpet tiles now in stock for laying in this area (hardboard sub-flooring required?)

Kitchen revamp. IN PLANNING

Full-length worktops, space for cupboards under, Hot Water, New Sink. Everything the Hackspace needs in a revamped Kitchen