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Hack the Space Days are a semi-regular events where Hackspace members come together to improve and maintain the infrastructure of the space. Sometimes they are centred around a particular big task. There is no rule preventing doing this at any other time, but days like this have been enjoyable social occasions as well as useful.

Regular space hacking

Regular space hacking used to be held on the first Sunday of each month from about 11am. Currently, regular space hacking occurs at the following times:

Upcoming space hacking days

Recently there has been weekend long events every couple of months. Drop in to help out when you are available.

Upcoming days:

Previous days:

Regular tasks

Hack the space Day is not simply about cleaning and clearing the space. But there are such tasks that need to be carried out, mostly done invisibly, but everyone can contribute. Regular cleaning and clearing tasks are.

  • Empty rubbish bins, replace liners, bags of rubbish to the basement.
  • Sweep floor (Studio, Comfy area especially). Mop floor.
  • Replace kitchen rolls, blue rolls, toilet rolls as necessary. Replace hand towels.
  • Launder bag of handtowels when the last set is placed into use.


See /Boilerplate for a typical Hack the Space Day page layout.

Ongoing Hack the space projects

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